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Achievement Deficit Competition

            DeathZombi here with a challenge post! I will do more blogs like these in the future. Made up acheivements in this post. This is open to all unblocked users. I will list some of my made up achievements and you guys will have to compete and win. There are some rules though:

  • The proof has to be a legit video recording though some can be pictures
  • No Mods 
  • Hacking will be untolerated and the user will be disqualified
  • Each achievements have different rules
  • First user who posts a video will be the winner (posted later)

Here are The Achievements

Water's Edge: Complete a daytime pool level planting only in the water

  • No Last Stand  *If you plant in the ground at any time, you will lose * Rakes and Lawn Mowers are OK to use

Lukewarm: Complete 5-10 or Zomboss' Revenge without detonating Jalapenos or Ice Shrooms

  • Keep them in the conveyor belt only  *If your belt is fully packed with those 2 plants you can plant and remove immediately as long they dont activate.

El Basho is Ono: Complete a level with these requirements (PC only)                        

Dance and Pinata Codes On, Cob Cannons, Jalapenos and Sunflowers must be used and the Dancing Zombie must appear

Illuminati- 'Have Planterns make a triangle in the fog (Picture acceptable)

DIABETES - Waste Over $20,000 dollars in one sitting buying bacon

Secret Code- Activate the Konami Code in Plants Vs Zombies (certain platforms only)  Video

Fruitful- Beat a normal level using only Fruit Based Plants

*Sunflowers are an exception, These plants here may be used: Cherry Bomb, Starfruit, Melon Pult and Cactus (cactus pear are grown on some species of cacti) Winter melon can't be used since is it based on a vegetable *Random plants may be selected to fill in the remaining seed slots as long as they are not planted

Pottery Barn- Complete a daytime level with plants BUT every plant must be on a pot         

*If you don't have a plant on a pot or if you plant without a pot you lose * lawn mower and rake acceptable

Girls Rule! Complete a level using only female plants 

They are: Sunflowers and their upgrade, Cactus, Lily Pad* and Cattail,Marigold 

Cheap and Poor-Complete a level using plants 100 sun and under

Rich! Rich!- Complete a level using plants over 100 sun. *Sunflowers are the only exception*

So this is it for now. Remember most of them has to be a video and you can't do more than 1 achievement in one video. You can win multiple acheivements but each has to be their own individual entry. Spread this around to other users. Entries end on January 15th.

I will post more of these challenges in the later future. Valid only on PvZ. Post your entries in the comment below! Adios!

I am waiting in my grave... 09:49, January 4, 2014 (UTC)

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