"The zombies are coming...." The words that start the zombie acopolypse* to raid and take over our house to eat the squishy and delectable brains we hold in our head. Well the plants squad is fed up since many die everyday and the instants have to give up their life to defend the lazy human's house err..brains. So how are we going to salvage our house from the greenish undead horde? We relinquish our brains to the zombies without planting a seed.

         Wait wait wait. How the heck are we going to give brains to the zombies if we only have one? Well heres when SCIENCE! comes into play! NO! Not Zomboss's failed experiments.

Warning: Be REALLY careful in this lab. If you don't read this warning because you want to go right ahead to the lab, i AIN'T taking responsibility for any injury you carelessly received. Rant Ended. Bottom line: Just be careful.

You will need:

3 packs of Jumbo Pink or Purple Water Crystals; the ones that grow in water

3 cups of water

First you need to boil your water. If you are irresponsible with this, just get a grown up. When the water starts to FURIOUSLY boil, turn off your stove and carefully transfer the water to a clear bowl big enough to hold the water. Don't scald yourself. Then..ROCKSLIDE! Let your water crystals enter the hot water. But don't do this while the water is boiling otherwise they EXPLODONATE! Hot water bottom line. Check on the crystals at 10 minute intervals. They should grow really big and should have groove like lines in them. When they stop growing, they should look like miniture brains. Don't worry about the water as it should have cooled considerably but just in case, be careful as always. NOW LET THE FUN BEGIN! 

 The pinkish purplish color should fool the zombies enough so they regard them as brains. Also they have grooves so they can be considered as brains. If you Chuck Norris them JK. If you throw them at the zombies , they should start, CRUNCH CRUNCH! The zombies ate them and soon they should be satisfied. And no plant was harmed! Voice your opinions down below and try this experiment at home and defend your lawn ONCE AGAIN! 

-I am waiting in my grave... 03:14, January 19, 2014 (UTC)