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aka Dat Plants Who Destroys, duh.

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July 29, 2014
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  • I live in on a lawn.
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is murdering zombies.
  • I am a plant.
  • Dat Plants Who Destroys


    July 1, 2016 by Dat Plants Who Destroys

    I need to come back and do stuff here more often. Also, I am very disappointed at PopCap for not making a Squirbo Zombie.

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  • Dat Plants Who Destroys


    January 26, 2015 by Dat Plants Who Destroys

    Yes. I am BACK!

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  • Dat Plants Who Destroys

    This is another concept, oak-k?


    Water Sprout

    Shoots water at zombies. Very weak though.

    Sun: 50

    Recharge: Fast

    Unlocked: AG Day 1


    Shoots mini-tornadoes that do knockback of one tile and does 0.5 damage

    Sun: 100

    Recharge: Medicore

    Unlocked: AG Day 3


    Uses a flamethrower to add a burning effect to the zombies. Must be tapped to use. Has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

    Sun: 200

    Recharge: Sluggish

    Unlocked: AG Day 7

    Dark Flower

    Shoots dark energy at zombies. Spreads across the screen.

    Sun: 175

    Recharge: Medicore

    Unlocked: AG Day 10


    Shoots poisonous darts in a short range. Inflicts them with a poison effect.

    Sun: 125

    Recharge: Fast

    Unlocked: AG Day 14

    Aspearugus (Correction if needed)

    Shoots stalks in 3 lanes.

    Sun: 175

    Recharge: Medicore

    Unlocked: AG…

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  • Dat Plants Who Destroys

    Anyways, this is my new world, Nuclear Age! :3


    Hazelnutmat Suit: Stops plants from burning up by acid.

    Sun Cost: 50

    Recharge: Medicore

    Unlocked: Day 1

    Toxic Pea: Shoots toxic peas that inflict poison.

    Sun Cost: 175

    Recharge: Medicore

    Unlocked: Day 4

    Acid Lily: Makes you be able to place plants on acid.

    Sun Cost: 75

    Recharge: Fast

    Unlocked: Day 7

    Coconut Charger: Makes the selected plant deal 1.5  more damage for ten seconds.

    Sun Cost: 300

    Recharge: Sluggish

    Unlocked: Day 11

    Acid Bubbleaf: Makes an acid bubble, burning the first zombie it touches.

    Sun Cost: 100

    Recharge: Medicore

    Unlocked: Day 15

    Nucelery: Explodes in a 5x5, but leaves acid where it was placed.

    Sun Cost: 200

    Recharge: Slow

    Unlocked: Day 19

    Sentry-shroom: Rapidly fires mushroom chunks at zomb…

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  • Dat Plants Who Destroys

    I will be camping Hall'o'ween until November 2nd. I will be inactive so, yeah.

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