The title says it all. I use quotes for the names, so lets start!

5th: "If I eat those greens, I'll hurl!"

Cabbage pult does its job well in Ancient Egypt. However, Bloomerang on the next level already almost renders this USELESS if you use two columns of Sunflowers. It really doesn't help much, to be honest.

4th: "I'm a peashooting peashooting plant!"

Repeater IS potent. However, it deals the same damage as Bloomerang, without AOE and has a faster firing speed. As far as I'm concerned, AOE > firing speed for ranged attacks.

3rd: "I've invented AOE plants! Woohoo!"

Bloomerang, as the first AOE plant, does well. However, due to the Laserang Condundrum, this is not the most effective. However, I do give it credit for the first used plant the penetrates multiple enemies in the row.

2nd: "I'm going to win the Egypt boxing championship!"

Bonk Choy attacks fast, and can take care of a basic zombie easily. It's lack of AOE doesn't make it that useful in later levels, but at least it dosen't have a Laserang Condundrum... No, it does not! I'll explain in the Pirate Seas one.

1st: "Freeze!"

As one of the Category "The Stallers", Iceberg Lettuce is very good at what it does: stalling. It's plant food is also good.

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