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  • DatDramaPlant

    Yeah... so... title.

    Basically, exams. Yay! There's this super-duper important exam coming up, and I quite literally HAVE to score well. I'm already lucky I even get to use the computer this often. Exams will be at the end of the year in October, so during this three-to-four month period, I'm not going to be active very much. 

    (It also means I might get demoted due to the evaluation three-month timeframe ending right smack in the middle. Whoops. could start ranting on the evaluation thing, but that'll need a different blog, more stuff on evaluations to make me annoyed (sorry Cam, your one blog isn't quite going to make me rant on the system yet <s>no offense) and time.</s>)

    I really shouldn't joke about other people, especially about other pe…

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  • DatDramaPlant

    Well, I. Have to do this, or I'll be demoted. I "conveniently" forgot to make one beforehand, so, yay!

    Well, I haven't been around cause vacation. I left on the 3rd, and places to properly type don't come often. I'll be back to my home and my PC on the 14th or 15th, so my activity should hopefully spike right back up once that rolls around.

    Typing on the iPad is an absolute pain, so I'll leave it at that.

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  • DatDramaPlant


    September 14, 2016 by DatDramaPlant

    Geez, everything is going on right now.

    I can sense the wiki is deteriorating. I drag myself here although I can sense I'm essentially torturing myself at this point. I'm just not the person who abandons stuff when it's bad. I'll keep coming until either the wiki dies, or the wiki dies. So I'll stick with it till the end. Unfortunately I don't see much of this loyalty, but I'm not blaming anyone for that.

    I'm not exactly helpful, so coming here might not do anything....

    Basically I'm trying to tell everyone to help instead of dumping the wiki in the trash. I mean, think about it. If you "leave", you're basically leaving the wiki to rot. I suppose you don't care? I'm sorry if I'm sounding a little harsh (and/or ridiculous), but it's really kind…

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  • DatDramaPlant

    I thought I'll create this, because wynaut?

    The classes refer to their primary classes. I probably (definitely) either made a mistake or forgot something (most likely case: both), so if you spot something just leave a comment and all, blah blah blah.

    Characteristic Plant Class Zombie Class
    Bonus Attacks


    Extra Currency

    Card Drawing

    Destroying Outright

    "Do X Damage"

    Amphibious , ,







    Frenzy NIL

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  • DatDramaPlant

    Oh yay, another RP chars blog.

    I will add to this whenever I have the time, but for now, under construction.

    Supersensories (short: supsences) are types of characters in the RP universe. These characters are usually born with the powers of a supersensory, but some can be created. However, created supersensories tend to be more rigid and less agile than their organic counterparts, unless the created thing is modeled after another supersensory that existed as a biological being. However, the catch is that there can only be one of each supersensory, so the recreated one will have to be a replacement of a dead supsence. Created supersensories retain ALL MEMORIES of their past.

    Supersensories have extraordinary reflexes and reactions, and tend to …

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