So, as you know, many rollercoasters have their accidents. Whether it's a breakdown, unexpected brakes that make you puke your guts out, or if it's a just plain, ol' pee-pee dance.

There was this rollercoaster called The Whizzer. It was a kiddie coaster that no daredevil seeks to step foot in this boring-but-tall ride. However, my boring mother wanted to go on it. I tried to say, "Be my guest!" but she 'HAD' to do it with me. I groaned and went on it.

We were in line. 2nd-to-first. I was looking at her, and she looked excited. Then I looked one row next to us. There was a mother, texting on her phone, and her little girl, she looked about 4 or 5 years old, jumping up and down with delight. I smiled and laughed. Then she started doing the pee-pee dance. The mother, meanwhile, was looking literally EVERYWHERE but her daughter. Now she was jumping up and down and HOLDIING it in with her HANDS and crossing her legs. The mother FINALLY looked down and the daughter said, "I HAVE TO PEE AND IT'S COMING OOOOOOOUT!" Alas, it was too late. A little hand-covering later, there was a puddle (not of water) on the floor. Then the mother, after an embarrassing 2 minutes later, asked if they could go to the front of the line after a change of clothes. I rolled my eyes and got on the train.

After the ride, I laughed and said, "At least it wasn't on the train! There would only be yellow confetti at this party!" We both laughed, but we both felt bad. Me? I then realized that's why they call it The Whizzer.