As a PvZ normal player, I love the Chomper. So, in PvZ Garden Warfare, I was a Chomper. We were in Gardens and Graveyards, so a Chomper was the best choice for me.

Well, they got to the last objective quickly, which was Dave's Mansion. It was a long walk from their spawn point to the mansion, but the Engineers had the choice to build a portal so they only had to walk a bit of the way.

As to the Zombie's dismay, the Plants were allowed to "camp" the broken teleporter. If you don't know, "camping" is when the enemy stays near your base and/or perks and vanquishes whoever passes by.

So, I camped the teleporter. To my surprise and joy, about 6 engineers tried to build it and failed. LOL!

They still captured the objective, but I had the honor of making them walk a million-and-one miles to the mansion. I was proud of myself, but only because I did it last time too. ;)