aka Aquamarine

  • I live in The Ponymon World
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is Spitting Black Licorice on everyone's face
  • I am A Bat
  • Dashie349

    Whiz on da Whizzer

    September 14, 2014 by Dashie349

    So, as you know, many rollercoasters have their accidents. Whether it's a breakdown, unexpected brakes that make you puke your guts out, or if it's a just plain, ol' pee-pee dance.

    There was this rollercoaster called The Whizzer. It was a kiddie coaster that no daredevil seeks to step foot in this boring-but-tall ride. However, my boring mother wanted to go on it. I tried to say, "Be my guest!" but she 'HAD' to do it with me. I groaned and went on it.

    We were in line. 2nd-to-first. I was looking at her, and she looked excited. Then I looked one row next to us. There was a mother, texting on her phone, and her little girl, she looked about 4 or 5 years old, jumping up and down with delight. I smiled and laughed. Then she started doing the pee…

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  • Dashie349

    Guys, I have a great idea for an update!

    Name: Under the Sea Content: 4 new characters 2 new skins 1 new feature 2 new upgrades 1 new map 4 new plants (4 total)

    • 1 new sticker pack

    CHARACTERS: Aqua Pea

    • Shoots like plasma pea WITHOUT CHARGE
    • 120 HP, 18 ammo, jump = normal, speed = normal, reload time = Slower than normal Peasooter, faster than Toxic Pea
    • Automatic Fire
    • Must get stickers to unlock
    • Shooting Spped = Normal
    • Shoots water drops

    Sea Cucactus

    • Shooting Speed = Normal
    • 120 HP, 20 ammo, jump = normal, speed = quick, reload time = 2 clicks
    • Automatic Shooting
    • Shoots Light Green Goop
    • Must get stickers
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  • Dashie349

    Poor Zombie Feet!

    April 7, 2014 by Dashie349

    As a PvZ normal player, I love the Chomper. So, in PvZ Garden Warfare, I was a Chomper. We were in Gardens and Graveyards, so a Chomper was the best choice for me.

    Well, they got to the last objective quickly, which was Dave's Mansion. It was a long walk from their spawn point to the mansion, but the Engineers had the choice to build a portal so they only had to walk a bit of the way.

    As to the Zombie's dismay, the Plants were allowed to "camp" the broken teleporter. If you don't know, "camping" is when the enemy stays near your base and/or perks and vanquishes whoever passes by.

    So, I camped the teleporter. To my surprise and joy, about 6 engineers tried to build it and failed. LOL!

    They still captured the objective, but I had the honor of ma…

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