this is my Idea IF it was approved

anyway the list (of plants that arnt in pvz 2)

scardy shroom: same as pvz1 but now hides when a zombie is infrom of it and no longer around it

also becomes defensive when hiding (meaning has more health)

Sun cost: 50

Plant Food: shoot a bunch of spores like the peashooter and doesnt hide

ice-shroom: same as pvz1

Sun cost: 50

Recharge: sluggish

doom-shroom: same as pvz1


doesnt place a crater anymore

Sun cost: 175

sea-shroom: same as pvz1 (can be used for bwb and time twister pool (if it has water)

its recharge is fast now and dissapears over time like puff shroom

Plant food: same as puff shroom but now afftect other puff shrooms and sea shrooms

sun cost: 0

Plantern: now buffs nearby plant giving them a 0.5 dmg boost and makes dark area clear

recharge is mediocore

sun cost: 50

Plant Food: stuns zombies, reveals more dark area permantly and gives plants +1 dmg boss permantly

cactus: same as pvz1 but spikes do 1.5 dmg now and plants near it have a "thorns" bonus hurting zombies and makes zombies take 6 bites to eat plants

Recharge is fast

Sun Cost: 150

Plant Food: shoots spikes like peashooters plant food

pumpkin: same as pvz1

recharge is mediocore

Sun Cost: 125

Plant Food: gain more toughness and plants foods the plant inside it (or vise versa, the plant is plant fooded and then pumpkin)

coffee bean: now energizes plants for five secs making them shoot 2x faster

Sun Cost: 75

recharge is mediocore

Garlic: same as pvz1

recharge is fast

Sun Cost: 50

Plant Food: makes a smell for the entire lawn that makes a zombie move from its lane

Umbrella leaf: same as pvz1 and will bounce away zombies that were springed by spring bean

recharge is fast

Sun Cost: 75

Plant Food: makes it cover a wider area

marigold: now plantable

Sun cost: 50

recharge is mediocore

Plant food: makes a bunch of coins (mostly silver)

gatling pea: same as pvz1 has a helmet that tough as a infinut 

now a seperate plant

sun cost: 150

recharge is mediocore

Plant Food: shoots as many peas of a plant food'd repeater and then shoot 4 big peas and gain a helmet thats though as a wallnut and hurts zombies for 0.5 dmg

Gloom shroom: same as pvz1

now a seperate plant

recharge is mediocore

sun cost: 175

Plant Food: shoots fumes in 8 directios x and +

cattail: same as pvz1 but spikes do 1.5 dmg and move as fast as a thistle (and shoots 2 spikes and targets any zombies)

now a seperate plant

recharge is mediocore

sun cost: 200

Plant Food: shoots a bunch of spikes at all zombies on the screen

Cob cannon: same as pvz1, has a bit more toughness

now a seperate plant

Recharge is Sluggish

Sun Cost: 400

Plant Food: shoots a big Cob that wipes every zombie on screen (but not enough to beat zomboss)

tell me what you think c:

Dannylol271 (talk) 06:56, July 11, 2015 (UTC)Pootis Wizard