• Dannylol271

    The Dream

    December 16, 2016 by Dannylol271

    Alright not sure if it was a good idea here or poot it on the 5.7 disscusion #1

    anyway, so last night I had this weird dream of PvZ2 (quite rare to dream bout this, dunno y doe)

    and the thing is, it was like... New? or something cause here was the changes

    -4 more worlds... (yes 4, and they are after modern day)

    -World preview screen was changed, now it shows ur highest EZ level and one of the plants from the level are shown

    (also world select made simpler(infact, it looks like the zomboss podiums)

    (if a plant is unlocked, it will do it animation like it does on the level screen for that world)

    (if its locked, it will show it seed packet)

    -2? unknown plants out of the 4 worlds  (yes 2 of them were locked)

    (1 was a blover like plant(unlocked), the ot…

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  • Dannylol271

    this is my Idea IF it was approved

    anyway the list (of plants that arnt in pvz 2)

    scardy shroom: same as pvz1 but now hides when a zombie is infrom of it and no longer around it

    also becomes defensive when hiding (meaning has more health)

    Sun cost: 50

    Plant Food: shoot a bunch of spores like the peashooter and doesnt hide

    ice-shroom: same as pvz1

    Sun cost: 50

    Recharge: sluggish

    doom-shroom: same as pvz1


    doesnt place a crater anymore

    Sun cost: 175

    sea-shroom: same as pvz1 (can be used for bwb and time twister pool (if it has water)

    its recharge is fast now and dissapears over time like puff shroom

    Plant food: same as puff shroom but now afftect other puff shrooms and sea shrooms

    sun cost: 0

    Plantern: now buffs nearby plant giving them a 0.5…

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  • Dannylol271

    So I though about a nighttime setting like you could change the day worlds to night meaning sun shrooms have more use than Dark Ages, the could be a night button on the level select screen when in a world, but Dark Ages doesn't need one cuz it's already Night.

    This is an idea and it would not change the levels, but a challenge and make the mushrooms more useful

    (The button could look like a moon and pressing it you turn it to night background and the levels would be night, dark ages doesn't need one cuz it's already night)

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