Hi this is Cyberplant3332 and im making a world called disco era.If anyone wants to volunteer then you all are free to add your ideas.


Day 1 :coins

Day 2 :plantern

Day 3 :coins

Day 4 :disco ball melon

Day 5 :coins

Day 6 :present

Day 7 :zomboss's note

Day 8 :world key

Day 9 :coins

Day 10 :infi-tall nut

Day 11 :coins

Day 12 :coins

Day 13 :present

Day 14 :extra seed slot

Day 15 :endless zone(cant think of a name)

Day 16 :coins

Day 17 :galting pea

Day 18 :coins

Day 19 :present

Day 20 :coins

Day 21 :coins

Day 22:coins

Day 23 :present

Day 24 :bolt magnet

Day 25 :trophy


1.plantern:lights up an area=sun 25

Plant Food:lights up an huge area

2.disco ball melon:deflects lasers=sun 50

Plant Food:deflected lasers damage zombies

3.galting pea:shoots four peas at a time=sun 350

Plant Food:shoots lots of peas then shoots four giant peas

4.bolt magnet:hit lighting bolts at zombie

Plant Food:hits a extremly high power bolt that deals huge damage the the lane and splashes

Zombies: zombie cone head zombie bucket head zombie

4.disco zombie

5.backup dancer zombie

6.hip hop zombie

7.disco laser zombie zombie player zombie

10.conga leader zombie

11.conga dancer zombie

12.skate boarder imp

13.dancer gargantuar

14.disco ball roller zombie

15.zombot-destructive dancer

New Zombies Details:

1.Disco zombie:health of a conehead and summons backup dancer zombies

2.Back up dancer: zombie:only comes when disco zombie summons them

3.hip hop zombie:dances in hip hop style and dodge most attacks

4.Disco laser zombie:shoots laser pen lasers at plants 

5.Dj zombie:this zombie comes with a dj console and makes zombies dance and switch lanes but it has lots of health player zombie: some times carrys a music player with a health of a bucket

7.conga leader zombie: health of a cone head and summons tons of conga dancer zombies until it dies

8.conga dancer zombie: only comes when conga leader zombie summons it

9.skate boarder imp:just a normal imp but just with lots of speed

10.disco ball roller zombie:comes rolling with a disco ball and stomps plants

11.zombot-destructive dancer:just the zombot of disco era but it summons all kinds of zombies out of nowhere and it shoots disco balls and missles

World Details:

Coming Soon......


i cant make some pics i need help


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