hi this is my dlc idea for garden warfare i hope you like it

Name:Mecanical Mayhem

New Varients:


Peashooter: Robo Pea

Sunflower: Disco Flower

Chomper: Chompzila

Cactus: Acid Catus


Foot Soilder: Star Trooper

All Star-Zombie: Boxer Star

Scienctist Zombie: Inventor

Engineer Zombie: Space Explorer

Place Details:

the place is out side a old observatory surrounded by those lab house thingys and a buch of machine thingys

New Wepons:

Potted Plants:

Laser Bean: hits mutiple targets at once and does moderate damage

Citron: shoots a ball of plasma at a target and does huge damage

Threepeater: shoots at three targets at once and does normal damage

Mortar Pea: does normal damge to air targets

Spwanable Zombies:

Jetpack Zombie: a air zombie with flies in a jetpack and zaps plants with his laser gun from the sky

Shield Bot Zombie: comes in a robot which makes a shield and protects nearby zombies

Mecha-Football Zombie: comes with a robot with great speed and damages plants

Robo Cone Zombie: come in a robot with great health and is great to stall plants

New Abilities:

coming soon