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aka Lord Peanut

  • I live in cyberspace
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Peanut and male
  • Cyberplant3332

    hi this is my dlc idea for garden warfare i hope you like it

    Name:Mecanical Mayhem

    New Varients:


    Peashooter: Robo Pea

    Sunflower: Disco Flower

    Chomper: Chompzila

    Cactus: Acid Catus


    Foot Soilder: Star Trooper

    All Star-Zombie: Boxer Star

    Scienctist Zombie: Inventor

    Engineer Zombie: Space Explorer

    Place Details:

    the place is out side a old observatory surrounded by those lab house thingys and a buch of machine thingys

    New Wepons:

    Potted Plants:

    Laser Bean: hits mutiple targets at once and does moderate damage

    Citron: shoots a ball of plasma at a target and does huge damage

    Threepeater: shoots at three targets at once and does normal damage

    Mortar Pea: does normal damge to air targets

    Spwanable Zombies:

    Jetpack Zombie: a air zombie with flies in a j…

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  • Cyberplant3332

    Hi this is Cyberplant3332 and im making a world called disco era.If anyone wants to volunteer then you all are free to add your ideas.


    Day 1 :coins

    Day 2 :plantern

    Day 3 :coins

    Day 4 :disco ball melon

    Day 5 :coins

    Day 6 :present

    Day 7 :zomboss's note

    Day 8 :world key

    Day 9 :coins

    Day 10 :infi-tall nut

    Day 11 :coins

    Day 12 :coins

    Day 13 :present

    Day 14 :extra seed slot

    Day 15 :endless zone(cant think of a name)

    Day 16 :coins

    Day 17 :galting pea

    Day 18 :coins

    Day 19 :present

    Day 20 :coins

    Day 21 :coins

    Day 22:coins

    Day 23 :present

    Day 24 :bolt magnet

    Day 25 :trophy


    1.plantern:lights up an area=sun 25

    Plant Food:lights up an huge area

    2.disco ball melon:deflects lasers=sun 50

    Plant Food:deflected lasers damage zombies

    3.galting pea:shoots four peas at a time…

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