Wild West...GahahaaawSure dusty with the Wild Ones and the Ones who borrrrrrn!!! Tooo Beee WaaaHaaaaaaaayyld!!!(Born To Be Wild).I have a challenge for you guys if you got the crazed to do it Gahahahaaaw.

Wild West Trophy

How'dya doing Sheriff.Revabandalendown....!


Here's The Rules!!!                                                                                               Rules First Before You Read The Challenge

  1. No Sun-Producing Plants
  2. Pirate Seas with a Mixed Wild West Plants Only(Split Pea,Chili Bean,Lightning Reed,Tall-nut,Pea Pod,Melon-pult,and Winter Melon.Also The KSSSCSC Pirate Seas Plants from my Main Challenge (First Challenge).
  3. Don't used any Sun-Producing Plants in levels of Locked and Loaded.
  4. No Skipping a Level,you must finish level 1 in the Wild West first with 1,2,and the following rules,before proceeding into the next level.
  5. No buying Plant Food.
  6. No using Power-Ups.Also No buying Power-Ups.
  7. No Plant Power-Ups from the Zen Garden,you must play it wisely.
  8. If you skip a Day to think how to beat other levels please go back to level 1 again.This is because that you need to beat this challenge with a total of 2hrs. and 30min. or less than that hour of playing.
Additional Information.                                                                                                                                    
Wild West Wanted Poster
In Rule No.3 you can used other Plants in Locked and Loaded.You must Finish all The Wild West Levels without skipping one level to another,and with a total playing of 2hrs. and 30min. or less than than the given Hour if you don't you'll go back to level 1 and start again.In Conveyor Belt Levels well Have Fun!!!.