Zi, PvZ Wikians! Me Crazyzombie168, has decided to try and make a game based off the PvZ Wiki. Now the short summary. This game is going to be like Mega Man (or kinda of a Mega Man rip off). The player is some sort of hero of PvZ Wiki. Someone named Dr.Vandal (not the best name) has brain washed some of the PvZ Wikians to become evil. A hero rised to stop Dr.Vandals plans. There are 10 Wikian bosses planned for the game. One of them is me. So if you wana sigh up to be in the game, feel free too.


The only requirement to be featured in the game, is to be a staff member. So post a comment if you wana be a boss. And I will pick 9 next week.

Here is a picture, of one of the enemys. The Vandal Shooter. 
New Piskel

The Vandal Shooter (I know it looks poorly done, but that is what the default icon looks like)

So yeah, thats about it. I will probaly add more info to this soon.

Please go here, to request to be in the game, and more info.