Team Craziness SPROINGERS

Crazyzombie168 (in Jack-in-the-Bot)

Weapon: Jack-in-the-bot Laser: Shoots a laser, that does damage.

Ability 1: SPROING Strike: CZ summons a SPROING Strike from above! 5 turns recharge

Ability 2: CZ Heal Station: CZ puts down a Heal Station, to heal allies. 3 turn recharge

Ability 3: Sonata: CZ Becomes Sonata Dusk (don't ask). He/She will start to sing, to make the Plants fight eachother. 10 turn recharge.

Abillty 4: #DesertTrooperConfirmed!: CZ yells how Desert Trooper will get in GW. Causes the target to get annoyed, and hit theirselves. 3 turn recharge.

Ability 5: Brain Pizza: CZ Eats Brain Pizza, which makes him able to attack twice, for 3 turns. 15 turn recharge.

The Zombie O.O (Mafioso Leader Zombie)

Primary Weapon: Old Style Gatling: A huge machine gun that fires many pellets, but needs a long time to charge up and reload. Has many bullets in it.

Ability 1: Pipe Molotov - Throws a weak pipe filled with flammable substances, burning whoever that gets hit by it, and setting fire to the place it lands on. The effect lasts fairly long, and does high damage. Recharge: 5 turns.

Ability 2: Stunner - Grabs a "random" bowling ball and throws it at an opponent, dealing low - moderate damage, and knocking them back quite far, stunning them. Recharge: 3 turns.

Ability 3: Play Ball! - Grabs a baseball bat which replaces the Old Style Gatling for 3 turns. In this state, I can move around much faster, and the main attack itself knocks enemies back further. 4 turns recharge.

Imareapter (Zarth Vader)

Attack: lightsaber.

Info: immediately remove all helpful effect from target. Deal X fire damage.

Ability 1: Summon zombie troopers.

Info: summon a zombie trooper. Recharge is 5 turns.

Ability 2: Force-choke.

Info: Use the force to choke a target. Deals X physical damage with chance to stun for N turns.

Ability 3: Force-lift and push

Info: Pull all enemy projectiles to me (I take no damage from the projectiles). Then, I launch it back at the enemy. Deals X electrical damage to all enemies through deadly shockwaves when I launch my attack. 3 to 5 random enemies will also take N damage from the projectile I launched back at them. Recharge: 7 turns.

Crayon (Villager Zombie)

Ability 1: Lloid Rocket: Launches a Lloid forward. Deals high damage. The Villager can ride on it, causing the damage to increase, but will also damage himself due to the explosion. 2-turns recharge.

Ability 2: Fireworks: Launch opponents into the air and explode them with fireworks. Deals medium damage to 3 enemies. 1-turn recharge. 

Ability 3: Balloon Trip: Wears a balloon hat. While wearing it, the Villager will be immune to melee attacks. Last 2 turns. 2-turns recharge.

Team Bolt Soldiers


Weapon: Arc Storm. Shoots in bursts of 5.

Ability 1 - Hyro Warp - Teleports Bolt to an ally. Recharges in two turns.

Ability 2 - Zap Cannon - Blasts an enemy with electricity, and does not let the hit enemy attack next turn. Recharges in four turns.

Ability 3 - Mode Twist - For two turns, doubles damage dealt and damage resistance. Recharges in five turns.

Ability 4 - Tundra Beam - Shoots a cold laser, which hits all enemies, but does no damage, and instead drains their health by 5% each turn. Recharges in two turns. Effect lasts three turns.

Ability 5 - Thunder Punish - Tosses an enemy into the air, teleports into the air above them, and kicks them back down for huge damage. Recharge in six turns.

Master3530 (Disco Jetpack Zombie)

Primary Weapon - Futurustic Mecha Jetpack Electric Fire Bazooka - Have splash damage and burns enemies, can be charged like attack of plasma pea.

Ability 1 - Jetpack Ride - Rides jetpack to get to higher places and dodge attacks. 3 turn recharge.

Ability 2 - Burn of Tommorow - Burns nearby enemies with ultra napalm fire of jetpack. 7 turn recharge.

Ability 3 - Disco of the Future - Increases stats of nearby allies and stats of myself. 4 turn recharge.

IMCR8Z (CRAY-Z Bacon Bot Zombie)

Weapon: CRAY-Z Barrel: I shoot an exploding barrel that will hit my target for average damage. Afterwards it will bounce to a random enemy and do medium damage, and finally it will hit one more enemy and explode, doing high damage. I can't control where it bounces, however.

Ability 1: CRAY-Z Tiles: Same as how it is in the previous forum games it was featured in. Summons a random symbol that does some weird effects on an enemy before disappearing. Recharge: Depends on the tile.

Ability 2: CRAY-Z Glue: I fire a ball of glue at a single enemy, which does medium damage and covers them in glue, making their attacks more likely to miss. If I hit a glue-covered enemy with CRAY-Z Glue, they will be frozen completely for 3 turns. Recharge: You decide.

Ability 3: CRAY-Z Bomb: I throw a sticky bomb at the selected enemy. If an enemy with a bomb on it is hit by an attack, it will explode, doing medium damage. I can have up to 3 CRAY-Z Bombs on one enemy, increasing the damage done. If a water attack or an attack that disables machines is used, however, the bombs will be disarmed. Recharge: 4 turns. If that's not okay you can just change it.

Ninja Penquin (Bolt Trooper)

Weapon: Hot Auto Shotgun (Deals fire damage)

Ability 1: Rotten Eggs (rotten eggs that do damage, and stun. Cooldown 3 turns.

Ability 2: Cryo Grenade (freezes plants that get caught in the explosion, cooldown 3 turns)

Ability 3: SPEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (becomes fast, able to dodge attacks) cool down 4 turns.