Zi, Crazyzombie168 here! I have decided to make a blog about a game (again). But this was is special. I plan to make this game. I have asked PvZ in Facebook. No reply yet. But I will make it anyway. I will give full credit to Popcap and EA.

Now I present.

  • insert tile I will ask Tiyak to make later here*


You the player start at your house. (this is the toutorial). The Crazyzombie Minors Coneheads and Bucketehads, start attacking your house. Once you finish all 5 days, Crazy Dave and Penny will arrive. Penny states that these zombies are from  a time we don't know about. Its in the 4000's! Crazy Dave being as crazy as he is, wants to take a trip there. You then begin your journey.


This is is kina like PvZ2. But instead of traveling to times periods, you travel to locations in Crazy Zuture.


When the game comes (if it ever does) It will be released, when 3 locations are done. These will be


Crazy Land

Random Cave


No spoilers :3


No soilers :3


No groaners :3

Thats about it.