Sap guys, this is Crazyzombie168.

What this is about.

This blog is about a PvZ Fan-game I am making with Lolwutburger. The name is Plants vs. Zombies 2.5. Though I might change the name in the Further Future.

What the game is.

A PvZ game. It will be a TD game like PvZ is. 

In this game you travel to different times like in PvZ2. You travel to the worlds in PvZ2 and some brand new ones. However the worlds are renamed, and have some brandnew zombies and some returning zombies. 

Main Worlds

(Not in order that will be in the game) Present Day

Danger Egypt

Stormy Seas

Further Future

Frostburn Caverns

Wild Wild West

Medieval Ages

Lost Ruins

Big Wave Advantage.

Viking Ages

Roaring 20's (Idea from Pea Mixer on youtube

Aboriginal Outback

Hippy Disco 70's

More to be added to list soon.

Bonus Worlds

Neon Mixtape Adventure

See more on the wiki (below)

Info: Bonus Worlds are worlds that to do anything for the main story. Most bonus worlds won't be in a time period.

PvZ2.5 Wiki

I have made a PvZ2.5 Wiki. It will have all features that will be in the game. Spoilers will be here, read at your own risk.

PvZ2.5 Discussion

Discuss PvZ2.5 here with others!

Alpha/Beta Testers

I plan to have Alpha/Beta Testers for the game. The Testers will ONLY be people who can give good opinions (with some exeptions) I will also give reasons to why thet are Beta Testers.

Crazyzombie168 (doh)

Lolwutburger (doh)

Milesprower2 (does blogs when a world part is released, he give some good insight)

Tecky (also does blogs when a world part is released)

ADVENT-UR-TRON (best friend)

Peashooter Mixer (helping with music)


And that's about it! I will leave you with some: