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Crazyzombie Ancient Saudi Arabia time idea for PvZ2

Hello i wanted to make this blog for my up comming ideas for a Acient Sadui Arabia time idea. I will make this because i want this appear other than the Stone Age (which i think will appear so thats why i did not do Stone Age).


Every wave sand will blow away three random plants.


Scatterleaf:Explodes into 5 leaves that will blow up one random zombie each.

Orange Bomb: Explodes zombies in a diagnal line.

Sand Wall: Protects plants behind it from incomming sand.

Arabian Sword: Cuts a zombies HP in half in a 2x2 area.

Sand Apple . Tap it to blow sand that blows zombies back.

More soon


Arabian Zombie

Ariabian Conehead

Aribian Buckethead

More soon.

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