ANNOUNCEMENT! this is being anbandoned but because this world is being moved to this This is just a silly little world I made for PvZ 2 called Crazy Zuture (Crazy Future) Its when Crazyzombie finally takes over the city that you lived in all the Zombies where mental suits like Jack-In-the-box Zombies. The final stage (day 50) is where you battle Crazyzombie in the Jack-in-the-bot MK 2. Unlike other worlds you need beat every worlds Zomboss. Then you will need to go to the almanac twice in a row then go to shop then tap Far Future in the World Map and you should unlock Crazy Zuture.


The Gimmick is that there is seven lanes instead of 5. And the 2 extra lanes have no lawnmowers (problem?)


The Music UB and Mini-Game has Zombies singing RA notes and sometimes DA for craziness. And the beat is Trumpet because its like he zombie music from Garden Warfare

Big Zombies

PvZ: All-Stars inspried me to do this. Sometimes a Zombie spawns big, and that zombies has a another special ability up its sleeve. Like a big Crazy Flag Zombie can spawn more zombies.


There are 50 Stages making this world very very very big. It is splt into 3 Parts:

Part 1:

Day 1 Type: Normal.Reward: Crazy Shooter.

Day 2 Type: Normal. Reward: Coins

Day 3: Type: Normal: Reward: Coins

Day 4 Type: Crazyzombie Traps. Reward: Coins

Day 5 Type: Normal: Reward: Scatter Leaf

Day 6: Type: Locked and Loaded: Reward: Coins

Day 7: Type: Normal: Reward: Coins

Day 8: Type: Last Stand: Reward: Coins.

Day 9: Type: Normal: Reward: Coins.

Day 10: Type: Normal Reward: Goop-shroom.

Day 11: Type: Normal: Reward: Note.

Day 12: Type: Gargantuar Battle: Reward: Crazyzombie Hate Message:

Part 2: 

Day 13: Type: Normal. Reward: Coins.

Day 14: Type: Challenge. Reward: Coins

Day 15: Type: Save your Seeds. Reward: Coins

Day 16: Type: Normal. Reward: Bomb Flower.

Day 17: Type: Crazyzombie Traps. Reward: Coins

Day 18: Type: Normal: Reward: Boost.

Day 19: Last Stand: Reward: Coins.

Day 20: Type: Locked and Loaded. Reward: Coins.

Day 21: Type: Challenge. Reward: Coins

Day 22: Type: Challenge. Reward: New Plant

Day 23: Type: Gargantuar Battle. Reward: Crazyzombie Hate Message

Day 24: Type: Crazyzombie Traps. Reward: The CZ Imps Hate Message

Day 25: Type: BOSS FIGHT!: Reward. Crazyzombie Hate Message.

Part 3: Comming Soon!

Crazyzombie Traps

Crazyzombie Traps is the new Brain Buster for Crazy Zuture. The player must survive the zombie attack while Crazyzombies traps set off and make the level very tough. Each stge with this brain buster adds new traps.

List of Traps:

Crazy Punchglove: Punches a random Plant, killing it.

Crazy Vacum: Pulls Plants to the right.

Crazy Ice Bomb: Freezes Plants in a 3x3 area:

Crazy Strength Drainer: Sucks power out of Plants make them weaker and give that power to random Zombies.

Traps added in next Crazyzombie Traps.

Comming Soon

New Plant Info

Part 1:

Crazy Shooter: A crazy little peashooter that shots peas in random directions.

Scatter Leaf: Explodes into a random number of leaves, that kill one random zombie each.

Goop-shroom: Slows down multiple zombies with Goop.

Part 2:

Bomb Flower: Tap it. Then tap a falling sun to make it explode. The explosions can not harm plants.

Mental Petal: When Mental Suit is eaten, Mental Petal will attack all zombies in a 3x3 area near it, dealing 4 NDS. When Mental Petal is not being eaten, and its mental suit is eaten, it will make another one.

New Plants Plantfoods

Part 1:

Crazy Shooter: Shoots 100 peas in random directions.

Scatter Leaf: N/A

Goop-shroom: Shoots Super Sticky Goop, in it's lane. Which freezes zombes, and make them take 1 NDS each second: Lasts 20 seconds.

Part 2:

Bomb Flower: Comming Soon!

Mental Petal: Instantly breaks free, and deals 20 NDS to all zombies in a 4x4 area, but its mental suit will break after fed plant food.

More Soon.

New Zombies Info

Part 1: Crazyzombie Minor: Just a zombie who gets orders by Crazyzombie. Same NDS as every other Basic Zombie types.

Crazy Conehead: His cone of craziness gives him more defense. Same NDS as every other Conehead

Crazy Buckethead: His bucket of insaness gives him a crazy defense boost. Same NDS as every other Buckethead

Jack-in-the-box Zombie: Carries a explosive surpirse. Same NDS as the other Jack-in-the-box Zombie.

Mini SPROING Bot: Spawns in groups and explode on a plant on contact instaly killing it. Takes 1 NDS. Can be stunned by E.M.Peach.

Crazy Professor:  Throws multi-colored potions onto random areas, which makes zombies 20% tougher, have 25% more speed and deals 1 extra NDB damage. Takes 30 NDS to defeat.

Crazy Gargantuar: Same as normal Gargantuars.

Crazy Imp: You know the drill.

Part 2:

Crazyzombie General: Stands stationary and summons Crazy Soilders infront of it. Takes same NDS as a Knight Zombie.

Crazyzombie Soilder: Is summoned by Crazyzombie General. Takes the same NDS as a Buckethead Zombie.

Robo-Crazy Bucket-Zombie: Has more HP than the Robo-Cone-Zombie. Takes 175 NDS, before dying. Can be stunned by E.M.Peach

SPROING Bot Gargantuar: Summons Mini SPROING Bots. takes same NDS as other Gargantuars. Can be stunned by E.M.Peach. Throws a Mini SPROING Bot when taken enough damage.

More Soon.

Big version Abilities

Part 1:

Comming Soon.

Crazy Dave and Penny Talk

Starting soon

Boss Info

There are 2 bosses in Crazy Zuture

CZ Imp Bot: Info Soon

Jack-in-the-bot MK 2: Info soon when part 3 comes.


Crazyzombie168 (leader)

Mr. Boss-inator


The Zombie O.O



Dr. Edgar Geroge Zomboss.