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August 4, 2012
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  • I live in My house
  • I was born on March 6
  • My occupation is Being a lazy no life
  • I am Transgirl (come at me Transphobic butthurts)
  • Crazyzombie168

    The Character Data Base for my PvZ Roleplay. 


    Name: Thrillzy

    Gender: Female

    Plant: Phatbeet

    Class: Musician 

    Bio: Thrillzy seems to resemble something that could of went down went down in another universe. Unlike most Phat Beets, Thrillzy looks unique. Her Phat Beet form is White and black, with hair and other unique features. She looks very dead but isn't. She is rather plane and dark at times, but can make crazy and odd remarks at times.

    Abilities: Thrillzy uses the power of music to debuff and damage foes. She can play a dark note that weakens enemies. She can also play a metal note that sets enemies on fire. She can also fire a note of pop that buffs her allies. And finally she can play a Ballad note that stuns enemies. She is…

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  • Crazyzombie168

    Don't talk about me being back.


    Welcome to my blog for GW2 and Heroes. These are basically things to do in these games that aren't progammed, but you can use if you set up your own system. You probably don't get what I mean, just read.

    This takes place in the BYBG. 2 plays on each side. During the first 5 minutes of the game the plays will plan how to capture the other players base. After that 5 minutes the players can attack eachother. If a team manages to stay in the character stats area for 1 minute, that team wins. This game is kinda meant to go on for a long time. Yes, the minutes do reset if both plays go out of the room.

    more to be added (maybe)

    I will be honest this was inspired by something. You will need use an RNG program.


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  • Crazyzombie168

    I seriously want to leave this wiki again. I feel like this wiki is a place I can no longer enjoy. YET, I keep coming back. AND I DON'T FLIPPING KNOW WHY! IT IS STARTING TO DRIVE ME MAD! I really need help leaving.... I am considering asking an Admin to ban me for life so I can jus get the flip out of here. So, I will might do that.

    Look, I have had good times, but I really need to get the hell out of this wiki. I feel like it's a drug that hurts me but I keep doing it anyway.

    This is not me being an attention seeker, this is SERIOUS.

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  • Crazyzombie168

    Yeah, looks lile I ain't leaving. This wiki is a magnet :P.

    I just hate it when I say I wana leave and then I don't.... It makes me think people will think I am some attention w***e.

    Anyways yeah.

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  • Crazyzombie168


    October 4, 2016 by Crazyzombie168

    Ok, I KNOW, THIS IS HAPPENING WAY TO MUCH. I wana leave, but something is pulling me back here. I think it is because I have WAY to much time on my hands and I get bored and want to come here to talk to people. So in sense I wana stay, but I wana leave because I wanted to leave so many times and just came back in a flying potato race car.

    With that being said, IDK what to do. I could perma ban myself by breaking a bunch of rules, but I feel like that might just be an insult. Of course it would work since then I would HAFT to leave. So I am considering that option.

    Another option is to consider me gone from the forums and editing, but just a lawn person. But yet I might wana talk or play a game on the forums, so that might not work.

    Another on…

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