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  • I live in My house
  • I was born on March 5
  • My occupation is Being a lazy no life
  • I am Transgirl (come at me Transphobic butthurts)
  • Crazyzombie168

    Are you are fan of imps? Would you like join a group of imp lovers, have an imp town and do impy things? Look no further! Ump legion is the place for you. Here in ump legion, we praise umps (imps) as well as le ump god. There is Ump TV, Ump Games and a Shop! And more to come! So if you wana join, here ya go!




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  • Crazyzombie168

    A lot of people would like VS mode to be in PvZ2. While this is not likely to happen, people still think it would be fun. And because I have recently played some PvZ1 vs mode again, I will like to put out my own idea on how VS mode would work in PvZ2.

    The Zombie player will pick 7 zombies to bring to the fight. They also have one slot for an upgraded zombie (Sunday Edition and such). 

    The plant player will pick 7 plants to bring. They also have one slot for a premium plant and the player can pick whichever regardless of if they have it or not. Limited edition premiums will not show up (rip Hotdate)

    The thing is, the Plants can see what the Zombies have chosen. I think the Zombies should see what the plants pick as well, but the Plants can thi…

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  • Crazyzombie168

    This is a blog for my upcoming PvZ2 Modern Night mod. 

    Dr.Zomboss has screwed with the time stream again, so badly, it caused a giant paradox. Zombies have changed time periods, causing their abilities to change, but still be rather similar. They now look like they belong in the time period, because they were always there due to the paradox. Zomboss then decided to unleash these changed zombies into the present, but this caused day and night to swap for some reason and they now attack at night. The player must survive these alterd zombies or have their brains eaten.

    Like the story says, zombies have changed time periods. For example, Newspaper Zombie now belongs in Far Future and will appear from the Far Future portal. Due to this, his abili…

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  • Crazyzombie168

    The Character Data Base for my PvZ Roleplay. 


    Name: Thrillzy

    Gender: Female

    Plant: Phatbeet

    Class: Musician 

    Bio: Thrillzy seems to resemble something that could of went down went down in another universe. Unlike most Phat Beets, Thrillzy looks unique. Her Phat Beet form is White and black, with hair and other unique features. She looks very dead but isn't. She is rather plane and dark at times, but can make crazy and odd remarks at times.

    Abilities: Thrillzy uses the power of music to debuff and damage foes. She can play a dark note that weakens enemies. She can also play a metal note that sets enemies on fire. She can also fire a note of pop that buffs her allies. And finally she can play a Ballad note that stuns enemies. She is…

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  • Crazyzombie168

    Don't talk about me being back.


    Welcome to my blog for GW2 and Heroes. These are basically things to do in these games that aren't progammed, but you can use if you set up your own system. You probably don't get what I mean, just read.

    This takes place in the BYBG. 2 plays on each side. During the first 5 minutes of the game the plays will plan how to capture the other players base. After that 5 minutes the players can attack eachother. If a team manages to stay in the character stats area for 1 minute, that team wins. This game is kinda meant to go on for a long time. Yes, the minutes do reset if both plays go out of the room.

    more to be added (maybe)

    I will be honest this was inspired by something. You will need use an RNG program.


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