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Twelfth PvZ Examination

Answer the questions below.Questions by Hoanganhminh,Farmer Zombi and me.

1.Which mini game has a lot of Zombonis?

2.Which canceled minigame is similar to bobsled bonanza and pogo party?

3.What are the Zombies that appears in High Gravity, Sunny Day and Big Time?

4.Which mushroom is different than other mushrooms?

5.What are Dr.Zomboss's projectiles?

6.Which zombie has an album called GrarrBRAINSarblarbl?

7.Which Zombie that nod his head?

8.Which zombie is the pool alternative of Pole vaulting zombie?

9.What is different from Pole Vaulting Zombie and Pogo Zombie?

10.Which zombie has a website?

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