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My third strategy

My third strategy

This is my third strategy that I want to show with you guys.Anyone can use this strategy.Its best to use this strategy during night pool levels.Please tell me any problems you find with this strategy.Please plant cactus in this strategy.But it is better to have Cattail.


Arrangement of plants

First lane:Sun-shroom,Sun-shroom,Cactus,Melon-pult,Melon-pult,Tall-nut,Tall-nut,Spikeweed

Second lane:Sun-shroom,Sun-shroom,Cactus,Melon-pult,Melon-pult,Tall-nut,Tall-nut,Spikeweed

Third lane:Starfruit,Starfruit,Starfruit,Cattail,Melon-pult,Melon-pult,Tall-nut,Tall-nut.

Fourth lane:Starfruit,Starfruit,Starfruit,Cattail,Melon-pult,Melon-pult,Tall-nut,Tall-nut.

Fifth lane:Sun-shroom,Sun-shroom,Cactus,Melon-pult,Melon-pult,Tall-nut,Tall-nut,Spikeweed

Sixth lane:Sun-shroom,Sun-shroom,CactusMelon-pult,Melon-pult,Tall-nut,Tall-nut,Spikeweed

What you must do

  • Plant a tall-nut in front of the last plant of every law to prevent being vaulted over.
  • Put the tall-nut in a pumpkin for extra defense.
  • Plant cactus or cattails wherever you want as long it does not get eaten.
  • Put the melon pults in pumpkins because the Ambush zombies may eat them.
  • Upgrade the spikeweeds to spikerocks.

You may

  • Upgrade your melon pult.

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