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My own strategy

My strategy

This is a PvZ strategy that can be used by anyone.I hope this helps!The disadvantage of this strategy is that this does not work on a Gargantuar.Do not upgrade the magnet-shrooms.


  • 10 slot

Arrangement of the plants in survival mode

First lane:Sunflower,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Garlic.

Second lane:Sunflower,Kernel-pult,Kernel-pult,Sunflower,Melon-pult.

Third lane:Sunflower,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Garlic.

Fourth lane:Sunflower,Kernel-pult,Kernel-pult,Sunflower,Melon-pult

Fifth lane:Sunflower,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Magnet-shroom,Garlic.

What you have to do(survival mode)

  • Wake up the magnet-shrooms with coffee beans.
  • The garlic wont last forever,so you need to keep removing and planting the Garlic
  • Cover the important plants with Pumpkin in case.

Arrangement of plants in Last Stand

  • first,third and fifth lane:Magnet shroom,Blank,Magnet shroom,Blank,Magnet shroom,Magnet shroom,blank,garlic,garlic.
  • Second lane:melon pult,melon pult,melon pult.
  • Fourth lane:melon pult,melon pult,melon pult.
  • Sixth lane:melon pult.

What you have to do(Last stand)

  • Wake up the magnet-shroom.
  • Upgrade the melon pults into winter melons.
  • Do not upgrade the magnet shrooms.

Strategy cost

Survival mode:8265 sun(don't rush to complete arranging the plants,that's why you have to upgrade your sunflowers)

Last stand mode:5050 sun(complete the next round to get more sun to complete arranging.)

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