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Eleventh PvZ Examination

Answer the questions below.Questions by Hoanganhminh,EpicOtaku and Plant Lover.

1.How many plants can you wake up using a coffee bean and Immitater coffee bean in total?

2.Which plant randomly lobs 2 different projectiles?

3.Where does Spikerock went before he came back and fight zombies?

4.What is the capacity of Mushroom garden?

5.How many mini-games are there that have 4 flags?

6.How many matches must you make in Beghouled?

7.Which zombie is the fastest?

8.Fill in the blanks:

  • Everybody ... and ... ...

9.What is the only mushroom that has the longest shooting range?

10.How many zombies are there in level 1-1 first time?

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