aka Dark Winter Melon

  • I live in Dark Mountain
  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is stopping the zombies
  • I am a dark winter melon
  • CrazyPingu54

    Answer the questions below.Questions by Hoanganhminh

    1)What is the Zombie that have 3 weaknesses (not counting Instant Kills)?

    2)What are the zombies with plant heads called?

    3)What is the Upgrade Plant that supposed to be a Mushroom?

    4)Which upgrade plant looks different from its normal form?

    5)What are 2 most Important Plants use for Gold Farming?

    6)What is the first plant you get in Adventure Mode?

    7)What are the Plants that cannot be protected by a Pumpkin?

    8)Which plant is the defensive plant that looks different from the other two defensive plants?

    9)What is the only Defensive plant that does not appear in Adventure Mode?

    10)What are the Plants that is only found in two mini-games?

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  • CrazyPingu54

    Answer the questions below,

    1.Which plant has 4 cavities in one teeth?

    2.Fill in the blanks:

    • Repeater is ....

    3.Which plant is fierce?

    4.Which zombie wears a black shirt?

    5.Fill in the blanks:

    • You're .... on my side!

    6.Is it true or false that:

    • Zombie Yetis give you 5 diamonds at the first time you kill it

    7.Which lobbed shot plant is the eldest?

    8.Which plant refuses to be pigeonholed?

    9.Which zombie gets the chance to eat your brains when a magnet-shroom steals its item?

    10.Which mini-game has the most number of flags?

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  • CrazyPingu54

    Answer the questions below.Questions by Hoanganhminh.

    1.What are Catapult Zombie's weaknesses?

    2.What are the protagonists in the game?

    3.What is the type of Plants that only have Blue-colored Plants?

    4.What is the word that Crazy Dave says when you bought all plants?

    5.What's the toughest armor?

    6.What plant is the most important thing that must have during gold farming?

    7.Which mushroom is similar to Starfruit?

    8.Which zombie is replaced by Zombatar in the GOTY version?

    9.What are the plants that are similar to Cherry Bomb?

    10.What is the zombie that appear as Zombatars?

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  • CrazyPingu54

    Answer the questions below.Questions by Hoanganhminh,Farmer Zombi and me.

    1.Which mini game has a lot of Zombonis?

    2.Which canceled minigame is similar to bobsled bonanza and pogo party?

    3.What are the Zombies that appears in High Gravity, Sunny Day and Big Time?

    4.Which mushroom is different than other mushrooms?

    5.What are Dr.Zomboss's projectiles?

    6.Which zombie has an album called GrarrBRAINSarblarbl?

    7.Which Zombie that nod his head?

    8.Which zombie is the pool alternative of Pole vaulting zombie?

    9.What is different from Pole Vaulting Zombie and Pogo Zombie?

    10.Which zombie has a website?

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  • CrazyPingu54

    Answer the questions below.Questions by Hoanganhminh,EpicOtaku and Plant Lover.

    1.How many plants can you wake up using a coffee bean and Immitater coffee bean in total?

    2.Which plant randomly lobs 2 different projectiles?

    3.Where does Spikerock went before he came back and fight zombies?

    4.What is the capacity of Mushroom garden?

    5.How many mini-games are there that have 4 flags?

    6.How many matches must you make in Beghouled?

    7.Which zombie is the fastest?

    8.Fill in the blanks:

    • Everybody ... and ... ...

    9.What is the only mushroom that has the longest shooting range?

    10.How many zombies are there in level 1-1 first time?

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