Hi everybody again! It's my 3rd entire world concept (not icluding my cancelled one). This one is about Geomtery Dash with a twist of our beloved PvZ. You can find super plants, super zombies and super Geometry Dash icons that sure they can wreak a havoc.

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My own work


Image Plant Description Plant Food Ability Cost Recharge
Geometry Shooter
Geometry Shooter Shoots peas that can summon Geometry Dash players that instakill the first zombie they meet. Summons 4 Geometry Dash players. 125 Fast
Power-shroom Attracts metalic objects on the lawn. Can equip an atttracted one to maximilize toughness. Banishes all metalic items and exhausts machines. 150 Mediocre
RetroBowser AlienFlower
Alien Flower Produces sun and deals damage to all zombies in the lane. Produces 150 sun and releases a blast that deals damage to all zombies. 75 Fast
Holographic Tall-nutAS
Infi Tall-nut Like Infi-nut, blocks damage and regenerates himself, but acts like Tall-nut. Creates a force field of Gargantuar's toughness. 150 Quite Slow
Arrow Plant
Arrow Plant Aims for the random zombie in the lawn and causes an explosion after hitting. Launches 5 small Arrows that instakill aimed zombies. 175 Mediocre
Scaredy-shroom Fires puffs quickly, but hides when zombies are near him. Increased toughness when hidden. Launches 150 puffs. 100 Fast
Scythe Vine Attacks in 3x3 square. When planted, burrows for some time to be not damaged. Launches lotta sawblades, each are worth the Conehead Zombie's damage. 175 Mediocre
Solar Pea
Solar Pea Shoots peas that can hypnotize, slow or freeze. Launches 30 peas. At least 3 will hypnotize.



Quite Sluggish


Image Zombie Description Toughness Speed First Appreance
Geometry Zombie
Geometry Zombie A true Geometry Dash fan. He wants to eat ur brainz, but he doesn't own something to survive. Average Basic Lvl 1
Geometry Conehead
Geometry Conehead Another true GD fan. This one is equiped by his fav form: Arrow. It adds to toughness. Protected Basic Lvl 1
Geometry Buckethead
Geometry Buckethead Finally the leader of GD Zombie Fanclub. He payed 5$ for the UFO that maximilizes the toughness. Hardened Basic Lvl 2
Robot Form
Robot Form Runs fast to the nearest plant to destroy it and itself. Launches Geometry Imp after clash. Machined Flighty Lvl 4
Geometry Imp
Geometry Imp Maybe the weakest, but sneakiest GD fan, swings onto the lawn and pasts through your defenses. Average Hungry Lvl 4
UFO Zombie
UFO Zombie His UFO lets him fly above the skies, so your plants like Geometry shooter won't shoot him. Machined Quite Hungry Lvl 9