Howdy there! I really cancel the project with HotS - PvZ. Instead, after so long time, I show you my 2nd world concept. It's about clumsy magics, shamans, curses and moar! The water here is so cold, so some freezing may apprear.


The concept of this world


Image Plant Description Plant Food Ability Cost Recharge
Umbrella Leaf Protects from 5 next attacks like Garg's Smash, then dies. Increases duration to 15 next attacks and shakes itself to throw water from itself to leave na ice path that slows zombies for 10 seconds in the lane Umbrella Leaf is placed. 75 Sluggish
Shamrock Deals low damage in peashooter style. Immune to incoming attacks. Releases 120 rainbow projectiles randomly splited among zombies. 100 Fast
Cactus Shoots spiky projectiles at zombies. Can instakill flying zombies. Shoots 5 spiky projectiles at zombies to instakill them. 125 Fast
PVZ2 Chilly Pepper2
Chill Pepper An instakill like Jalapeno, but also leaves an ice path to slow zombies. Path lasts 10 seconds after explosion. You can still plant on ice path. N/A 150 Slow
Hazelnut Ball A plant like a Wall-nut, but with immunity to incoming attacks. Gears up with a steel armor to gain extra HP and reflect incoming attacks to thier caster. 75 Sluggish
Pineapple He and other plants in 3x3 area are immune to incoming attacks. When placed near already cursed plant(s), it's(they're) restored from them. Removes all incoming attacks from all plants and gives them immunity to incoming attacks for 10 seconds. 200 Not So Sluggish
Apple by antixi-d7likls
Appel AoE damager. Turns incoming attacks into short-time boosts. Gives a random buffs and increases its durability. 175 Mediocre
Gatling Pea all stars
Gatling Pea Shoots 4 peas at once. Shoots 120 peas at zombies in straight lane.





Image Zombie Description Toughness Speed First Appreance
N/A Apprentice Zombie A basic zombie. Nothing special. Average Basic Lvl 1
N/A Conehead Apprentice His cone founded on water adds to durability. Protected Basic Lvl 1
N/A Buckethead Apprentice After founding a stone helmet, he's the strongest apprentice. Hardened Basic Lvl 2
Bird Rider ZombieAS
Bird Zombie Flies above plants, because his birdy is his very skilled pet. Protected Hungry Lvl 4
Mask ZombieAS
JuJu Shaman Zombie Throws a bone at random plant to curse it. Plants cursed by bone cannot do thier actions and be Plant Fooded. Protected Stiff Lvl6
Beehive Thrower ZombieAS
Ku-Ba Shaman Zombie Shoots 2 bees to a plant after taking damage. Damage of bess is worth 2 damage. Average Hungry Lvl 10
N/A Bloodscalp Shaman Zombie Uses the clumsy magic to make plants deal damage to each other. Medium Basic Lvl 14
N/A Ziki Ziki Shaman Zombie Dances like a Jester to buff zombies in 3x3. Protected Hungry Lvl 17
N/A Tribe Gargantuar Smashes plants with his magical stuff from ChiChiChi gods, launches Tribe Imp when damaged. Great Hungry Lvl 8
N/A Zombot Curse-inator Summons his minions (zombies), causes a random curse ocasionally for 10 seconds, launches bee projectiles. Undying Hungry Lvl 25

Brain Buster

Ritual Frenzy

In this Brain Buster, you must survive the huge wave of curses and clumsy magics. The ambush of this zone apprears often.



A rain falls from the sky, sending a curse to max 3 plants (without immunity to them).


Sun Tycoon

Use your shovel to remove plants and gain 100% of spended sun + 50% from the cost! That's CRAAAAAAAAZYYYYYYYYY!

Healing Food

Spend your PF to give a ability and immunity for 10 seconds! Cowabunga!


  • Lvl 1: Money
  • Lvl 2: Money
  • Lvl 3: Umbrella Leaf
  • Lvl 4: Money, Special Delivery
  • Lvl 5: Present, Endless Zone (Three Dangerous Gods)
  • Lvl 6: Shamrock
  • Lvl 7: A Note, Ritual Frenzy
  • Lvl 8: A World Key
  • Lvl 9: Money, SOS 1
  • Lvl 10: Sun Tycoon
  • Lvl 11: Cactus
  • Lvl 12: Money, Special Delivery
  • Lvl 13: Present
  • Lvl 14: Chill Pepper
  • Lvl 15: Money, Last Stand 1
  • Lvl 16: Money, L&L 1
  • Lvl 17: Hazelnut Ball
  • Lvl 18: Money, Ritual Frenzy
  • Lvl 19: Money
  • Lvl 20: Healing Food, SOS 2
  • Lvl 21: Pineapple
  • Lvl 22: Present, L&L 2
  • Lvl 23: Money
  • Lvl 24: Appel, Last Stand 2
  • Lvl 25: Zomboss Statue

Hope you enjoy. ;)