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My Travel Log

Here is my Travel Log, where you do my custom quests, like in Usefulguy's Travel Log. You can look at my talk page for code. You can do one too!

#8: Don't plant Power Tiles!
Complete Far Future - Day 25 without planting Power Tiles, because Zomboss is stronger in his invention with them!
Rewards: 80 pts


#7: No pre-selected plants allowed!
Complete Frostbite Caves - Day 19 without using Sunflowers, Pepper-pults and Hot Potatoes!

Rewards: 50 pts

#6: Don't let zombies drink potions!
Unfortunately, crazyness of Dave let him drop special potions for plants onto the lawn, just for zombies' good! Complete Dark Ages - Night 9 without letting them drink potions!
Rewards: 80 pts

#5: Leave Mine Carts empty!
Imagine that with those old carts, we can dig a way to richness! Save them for later and complete Wild West - Day 12 without planting on them!
Rewards: 20 pts

#4: Don't plant on Gold Tiles!
Do you know that your Gold Tiles can be stronger when they can rest? Complete Lost City - Day 12 without planting of Gold Tiles!
Rewards: 150 pts

#3: Don't let the zombies go out of water!
Complete Big Wave Beach - Day 4 while not letting zombies go out of water! Don't worry, Mermaid Imps are so worthless that they don't count.  :P
Rewards: 150 pts

#2: Survive with given plants!
Seems like your plants feel worser in this heat, but not all! Complete Ancient Egypt - Day 1 only with Sunflowers and Potato Mines/Squashes!
Rewards: 40 pts

#1: Don't let Imp Cannons launch Imps!
Do you really want to let zombies conquer your ship with new dealy cannons? Complete Pirate Seas - Day 24 while not letting Imp Cannons launch Imps!
Rewards: 40 pts

Come back soon for more quests!

Music: Janna - Sä et ole hullu

Users and their points

System is like with Usefulguy's one. You earn points when you complete a fan-made quest. This is the only section I allow to edit, but to reigster for taking a challenge and earning points.


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