Here is my Travel Log, where you do my custom quests, like in Usefulguy's Travel Log. You can look at my talk page for code. You can do one too!

#8: Don't plant Power Tiles!
Complete Far Future - Day 25 without planting Power Tiles, because Zomboss is stronger in his invention with them!
Rewards: 80 pts


#7: No pre-selected plants allowed!
Complete Frostbite Caves - Day 19 without using Sunflowers, Pepper-pults and Hot Potatoes!

Rewards: 50 pts

#6: Don't let zombies drink potions!
Unfortunately, crazyness of Dave let him drop special potions for plants onto the lawn, just for zombies' good! Complete Dark Ages - Night 9 without letting them drink potions!
Rewards: 80 pts

#5: Leave Mine Carts empty!
Imagine that with those old carts, we can dig a way to richness! Save them for later and complete Wild West - Day 12 without planting on them!
Rewards: 20 pts

#4: Don't plant on Gold Tiles!
Do you know that your Gold Tiles can be stronger when they can rest? Complete Lost City - Day 12 without planting of Gold Tiles!
Rewards: 150 pts

#3: Don't let the zombies go out of water!
Complete Big Wave Beach - Day 4 while not letting zombies go out of water! Don't worry, Mermaid Imps are so worthless that they don't count.  :P
Rewards: 150 pts

#2: Survive with given plants!
Seems like your plants feel worser in this heat, but not all! Complete Ancient Egypt - Day 1 only with Sunflowers and Potato Mines/Squashes!
Rewards: 40 pts

#1: Don't let Imp Cannons launch Imps!
Do you really want to let zombies conquer your ship with new dealy cannons? Complete Pirate Seas - Day 24 while not letting Imp Cannons launch Imps!
Rewards: 40 pts

Come back soon for more quests!

Music: Janna - Sä et ole hullu

Users and their points

System is like with Usefulguy's one. You earn points when you complete a fan-made quest. This is the only section I allow to edit, but to reigster for taking a challenge and earning points.