Talents are the upgrades that upgrades your character. Each character has differend talents. They're putted in Talent Tree. To use them, press either 1,2,3,4,5 or 6. Some of them doesn't need to press this buttons.

Heroic Abilities are the abilities avaliable by D button, but unlike R Abilities, you cannot change them.


Level 1

Improved Jump

Gives you the bonus that allows you to avoid 30% of incoming attacks for 10 sec.


Increases your speed by 1%.

Pea Pow

Increases damage dealt to mini-zombies by 5%.

Level 4

Hunter's Mark

Pea stacks are now the 5 second stacks that increase damage and slows target a little bit. When you target other character, actual stacks on previous target stay.

Pea Powder

Increases the size of peas by 25% for 10 seconds, meaning that they have 25% less change of missing.


Peashooter jumps foward 50 metres. You can pass walls.

Level 7

Pea Glue

Blooming Peas now pass through enemies.

Quick Strike

Increases your attack speed by 3% for 10 seconds.

Support's The Best

Whenever you're with the other plant, your attacks deal %1 more damage.


After using your basic attack, target takes 5 damage each second for 10 seconds. Effect doesn't stack up.

Level 10

Heroic Ability 1: Hyper

Transforms Peashooter into Repeater. Everything is increased by 50% (ATK Speed, Damage ect.). Lasts 15 seconds.

Heroic Ability 2: Pea Army

Summons 3 smaller peashooters for control. They're following you and deal 25% of your damage. They have 25% of your HP.