Here you can see plants avaliable on now. Plants can be buyed by PoS (Poinst of Storm - a default source of purchasing). They have also a role. They can be as other roles, but they'll be weaker.

Ability Scheme

We have the ability for Q, W and E, feature and 2 Hero Abilities, which you can use by pressing R.

??? (Example)

Q (Shot)

Deals x damage.

W (Jump)

Goes foward or backward by x metres, depends on mouse cursor during activate of ability.

E (Block)

Creates a block that absorbs x damage. Last until break or x seconds.

Feature (Focus)

When you're standing, you deal x more damage.

R 1 (Crash)

Jumps foward by x meters and lands on earth, dealing x splash damage.

R 2 (Form)

Makes you growing. You deal +x more damage and you have +x more Health and also +x % of movement speed. Lasts x seconds.

You can choose between R 1 and R 2 in Character Settings.


Role: AD Carry - AD Carries deal mostly damage in close range, but some can also deal range damage (like this one).

Q (Bloooming Pea)

Peashooter throws a sticky pea, dealing x damage and slows target's movement speed by x% for y sec. Cooldown: 5 sec.

W (Super)

Peashooter eats some power-up peas, increasing his movement speed by x% and range by x%. He can also jump while attacking to avoid x% of upcoming attacks. All boosts last y sec. Cooldown: 14 sec.

E (Pea Barrier)

Peashooter creates 3 pea bubbles around him that cancel the attacks. When the attack is cancelled, 1 of bubbles is removed. If none remain, cooldown is started. Cooldown: 14 sec.

Feature (Stalking Peas)

When Peashooter attack target, the target gets the pea stack. Peashooter deals +x damage to target for each stack, max to y.

When Peashooter attacks other target, target thah has the stacks will have none of them.

R 1 (Split Pea)

Peashooter deals x damage to the target and x damage to other enemy. Cooldown: 60 sec.

R 2 (Pea Gatling)

Throws x peas to tagret. Every pea deals x damage. Cooldown: 80 sec.

Best in: Darklight Crypt, Med Bay

Cost: 450 PoS or 260 PoH


Role: Support - Support helps all players, but they also have some damage power.

Q (Crazy Ball)

Sunflower deal x damage. The projectile pierces through targets and disappreas when contacts with a wall. Cooldown: 6 sec.

W (Heal Flower)

Sunflower places a pot with a healing flower. The Healing Flower restores 20 HP to all friendly players within x area every y seconds. Has 78 HP. Cooldown: 16 sec.

E (Solar Power-Up)

Sunflower attaches a sun on target player, increasing his ATK Speed by 5% and damage by 1%. Last 7 seconds. Cooldown: 10 sec. (after disappearing of the buff)

Feature (Regenerate)

Sunflower has %1 more HP and regenerates it faster.

R 1 (Chain Heal)

Sunflower restores x HP to all friendly players in y seconds. Cooldown: 80 sec.

R 2 (Sunbeam)

Sunflower stars using Sunbeam for x seconds, dealing x damage and, when a friendly player in in range of the Sunbeam, he's restored by y HP. Cooldown: 105 sec.

Best in: Darklight Crypt, Med Bay

Cost: 1350 PoS or 585 PoH (Points of Hero)


Role: Tank - They have high HP and they try to protect themself. But they also pack some damage.

Q (Nut Hardiness)

Wall-nut regains x HP. Cooldown: 4 sec.

W (Nut Bowling)

Wall-nut rolls the straigh way to the wall or first target in contact. When he contacts with enemy or mob, he deals x damage to that enemy. Cooldown: 7 sec.

E (Summon: Nutty Nut)

Wall-nut summons a Nutty Nut for assistance. Nutty Nut deals x damage in y range and has x HP. Nutty Nut takes damage instead of you. Lasts until death. Cooldown: 20 sec. (after death of Nutty Nut)

Feature (Hard Shell)

Damage taken by Wall-Nut is decreased by 1%.

R 1 (Bowling Wall)

Wall-Nut Summons 3 Bowling Nuts in straigth way. They deal x damage to all foes in thier way.

They're destroyed in contact with walls. Cooldown: 60 sec.

R 2 (Defense Wall)

Wall-Nut summons 3 Defensing Nuts. Wall blocks any way to break through, but any jumping effect of burrowing effect can. They also counter damage and last 30 sec.

Only 1 wall can be at a time. Cooldown: 100 sec. (after placing)

Best in: Any map with some narrow ways.

Cost: 450 PoS or 260 PoH