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PvZ2 Mod: Big Wave Beach - Take Two

sorry but it's only on android. if someone could make an iOS port, that'd be great.

Big Wave Beach - Take Two

Do you find Big Wave Beach a bit too hard? The answer is probably yes. If so, do not fear! This mod takes all the pain and difficulty of Big Wave Beach, and throws it out the window!

Presenting Big Wave Beach - Take Two!

In this mod, many of the Big Wave Beach levels have been modified to be a bit less challenging, while still being fairly difficult, in a similar sense to Frostbite Caves or Lost City.


In order to install the mod, replace the current OBB for PvZ2 on your device with this one. That's about it. Turn off your Adblock on the link, since it prevents you from installing the mod, sadly. Enjoy!

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