Recently, I've been playing a LOT of Plants vs. Zombies 2. And I mean a LOT. After mostly beating the game, I have figured that it would be fun to review it.

Now let me tell you, this game works very well. Time Travelling may not be what you'd expect doing in a Plants vs. Zombies game, but the It's About Time pun was quite a humorous one indeed, showing how long fans have been waiting, as well as how you are time travelling. 3 new stages are in the game so far, Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, and Wild West, each being fun, with a lot of replay value, as youwant to develop new and better strategies over time, or test your current ones.

Free-to-Play seems to work well, except for one thing I'll get for a little later on, as many of the things are balanced enough, but I'd recommend buying them over time rather than all-at-once, as they still DO cost money. But if you want them more than ever, and unlike me, are good at saving money, a single 20 dollar bill does the trick. But you are perfectly fine without any of the additional features, and they can be ignored no matter what. Many things you can buy from the store are mostly unlockable in-game, and you don't need it either way. It'll mean harder work, but the game is just so fun, it feels like you want the extra time to play the game.

Among the new plants are Bloomerang, Iceberg Lettuce, Bonk Choy, Snapdragon, Lightning Reed, and Pea Pod. None feel to overpowered, as they come at a good price for what they do. Out of them all, Lightning Reed has not just become my favorite in this game, but my favorite of all time! TAKE THAT MAGNET-SHROOM! nah jk i still love Magnet-shroom. But I've also grown to love Bloomerang, Snapdragon and Spring Bean, with my least favorite of the new guys being Chili Bean. We also have old Plants return, like Cherry Bomb, and Spikey Rock, mah friend. Now to hack the original game to replace Garlic with Lightning Reed. I can't survive without it.

But why would there only be new Plants? New Zombies, like Ra Zombie, Imp Cannon, and Pianist Zombie also appear, the new zombies are all in a manner where they each need a unique strategy. Tome Raiser Zombies can be defeated by a Spikerock at the beginning, as they don't move much. Chicken Wrangler Zombies are the Lightning Reed's specialty (of course it can be used for other stuff. My average strategy is just a few Twin Sunflowers with 4-5 columns of these guys). Effective. Whirlwind Zombies are defeated by Iceberg Lettuce, stopping them in their path, and the bird.... the bird should just die. And you all know what bird I mean. But my worst enemy is those metal plate poncho guys. I swear, they just don't die.

Pros of PvZ2

  • New Plants are powerful, but not overpowered, each with unique abilities to mix and match for great strategies and plans.
  • New Zombies test your skill, and see how good you are.
  • Plant Food works, a temporary item which makes Plants stronger.
  • Addictive, with replay value.
  • Free-to-Play MOSTLY works
  • Power Ups can be fun to use.

Cons of PvZ2

  • Power Ups are kind of a Get-Out-of-Jail free (Coins are easy to obtain, after all.)
  • Some things in Free-to-Play don't work at all. Not even joking. Here's some advice, go to the coins on the store and slide over a little. A little more... just a little more and GOOD. There ya' go. 100 bucks for 450,000 coins. Trust me, in the original iOS version, you could spend only a 25th of that price for TWICE the amount of coins. And coins are more useless in this game! I personally think that ANY coin IAPs beyond 10 bucks should be removed. But no one with a brain could possibly get this, so it's actually not too big a concern when you think about it.


  • THis is a good game. Sure I went a bit crazy on that last part, but everyone can agree there, and the rest all works out nicely as a solid PvZ sequel.