Overall, the original Plants vs. Zombies is a pretty well-rounded game. While Plants vs. Zombies 2 has some balancing issues, PvZ1 stays pretty fair from start to finish. However, if I was given the oppurtunity to change some things, what would I change?



  • Chomper now burps out a purple goo after eating zombies. The purple goo covers two tiles in front of it, and slows zombies on it.
  • Chomper also now is adjusted to chew for the amount of health a zombie has. For every ten nds a zombie has, it takes another five seconds to chew. For example, a basic zombie would take five zeconds, a conehead would take 14, a buckethead would take 32.5, etc.
  • Hypno-shroom now can absorb three bites. This gives it a bit more practical use, since as fun as it is to use, it's not very practical.
  • Sea-shroom is cut completely. Whether you like it or not, two plants can do its job just as well. In its place is Lightning Reed. Lightning Reed's attacks light up fog for a short period of time, letting you see where zombies are. However, since it doesn't do much damage and is somewhat expensive for night use, it is still balanced out.
  • Cactus acts more like its upcoming PvZ2 counterpart, still keeping the ability to pop balloons. It also now stretches to shoot over the roof angle. Cost is raised to 150.
  • Blover's cost is lowered to 75.
  • Starfruit's stars now deal 1.5 nds, so it is less essential to group them for full power.
  • Coffee Bean costs 50 sun.
  • Garlic absorbs 30 bites.
  • Umbrella Leaf can deflect Imps.
  • Twin Sunflower costs 75 sun.
  • Spikerock now takes three hits instead of 9. I know it's less powerful, but it makes more sense due to it having three spikes, and I feel original Spikerock might've been mildly OP. Please don't hate me for this.
  • Gold Magnet recieves a complete overhaul. Now it steals metal and turns it into coins. (Gold coins are given if the metal hasn't degraded, silver coins are given to degraded metal/non-armor metal). Cost changed to 125.
  • Imitater can imitate upgrades.
  • Upgrades no longer are all very slow recharge.



  • Survival Endlesses are now available for all worlds. Survival: Day Endless is given first. Completing 15 flags in it gives you Survival: Night Endless. Completing 30 flags in Day or 15 flags in Night gives pool, completing 45 flags in Day, 30 flags in Night, or 15 flags in Pool gets you Fog, etc.
  • Mushroom Garden and Aquatic Garden are now both only $10,000 coins.
  • Zen Garden plants can be harvested to give the plant a temporary boost for a level.

If you have any suggestions and/or complaints, leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.