Many of you guys,with (or even without) the 1.7. update, completed easily all levels from PvZ2,since it is very


easy. And now,you guys are stuck only with the monthly Pinata Parties and 3 Challenge Zones. So there's pretty much no challenge at all,nope? We'll fix that! Introducing Spicy Challenges,some challenges that will transform all the "pieces of cake" of PvZ2 to Challenges that make ya head spin!

Disclaimer:These Challenges are really hard,so don't worry you won't succed from first 5 times. All of them have been tested by me.

Today's Challenge:24 Defcorn

All of us,or most of us,hardly completed day 24 roughly,with all his powerups and Plant Food and about making it ONLY with Sunflowers and Kernel-pults? That would be impossible,nope? Impossible,no,but spicy,definetely yes!

Let's start with something easy:

Day 24-Pirate Seas

Plant only Sunflower and Kernel-pult. Twins not allowed. Tip:Use Plant Food when these lazy birds come at your Spring Beans.

Something really challenging:

Day 24-Ancient Egypt

Now that it is Last Stand and you have no Sunflowers,replace'em with Somethin' that lits Explorer Zombies' torches on FIRE! Challenging,huh?


Day 24-Wild West

You can't deal so many Zombie Chickens with...Sunflowers and Kernel-pults,no? YA CAN!!! If you think this challenge is too difficult for you and you can't do it,you can use  plant that at least can STUN these chickenheads,but you won't need it.

So, is it? :D Comment below!