There is less sun now from sun producing plants and the sky! Some tiles are cracked ice; they can crack during the level at any point!

New plants in part 1

Ice Flower

Produces sun at the rate a sunflower would normally. (Normal sunflowers produce less in this zone). You can drag the blue sun produced onto zombies to slow them down, instead of collecting it if you wish. It costs 75 sun and is unlocked after level one. Produces 150 sun with plant food.

Spinner carrot

Can break cracked ice. The next zombie that steps in the water hole made is frozen, and it is now no longer cracked ice. Instantuse so no plant food. Costs 125 sun?

Cress Patch

Cress flings small cress down the lane, doing 1 damage to zombies. More cress grows in the patch over time (most 5), therefore throwing more cress. Plant food grows all cress in patch instantly and sends 25 projectiles down the lane. Costs 100 sun.

Prenium: Garlic

As in pvz1. Plant food makes a protective shield around it, giving it double health.

New plants in part 2

Chilly pepper

Costs 100 sun, and freezes all zombie in the lane, in a jalapinio effect. Makes them slower after they thaw.


Small range in front of it, slows zombies and fires dragonfruit (like melons) at the zombies repetitively at twice the speed of melonpult. Can float over water. Plant food drags all zombies to it, and fires 3 fruits. Costs 350 sun. Deals splash damage.

Prenium: Beet

Headbuts zombies around it in a small area slowly. Enough to half kill a normal zombie. Costs 250 sun. Plant food ability headbuts all zombies around it once.

New zombies other than normal zombies

Part 1:


Is immune to ice damage and slowing. Has the health of a knight zombie.

Part 2:

Zombie bobsled team

Same as pvz1

Ice skater zombie

Skates in as quick as surfer zombie, and falls face first on the forst plant he encounters, killing it instantly. Is killed after his attack.

New zombies in boss battle update:

Eskimo imp:

Is immune to ice damage and is summoned by dr zomboss.


The ambush is called blizzard. All cracked ice breaks (but comes back as normal ice straight after). Zombies will come in, in a sandstorm effect.


The brain buster for frozen planet is called unstable ice. The whole lawn is water, apart from the first two columns which are cracked ice. You will get five cress to start with, in a special delivery sequence. Every wave you get one more cress patch, but 2 ice disapear, and 2 more are made elsewhere. The cress grows every wave. Zombies are all easy, and swim in the water like in bwb.