Chocolate Chips

  • I live in United kingdom
  • I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is None :D
  • I am Female
  • Chocolate Chips

    1st of all,i don't want someone saying "It's so ugly!" you can judge me but not my skills.

    Fire-Melon deals massive damage like winter-melon.but it leaves zombies burning in 4-8 seconds (Burning deals 1 damage each 2 seconds)

    Obtained:Day 2



    Special:Leaves Zombies Burning and melts Ice Block Zombie's Ice.

    Plant Food:Throws out big burning melons that can burn zombies in 4-8 seconds.

    Almanac entry:

    Fire-Melon was the oldest of the 3 melons,when he touched something it burns,"Sometimes i wanna be Winter-Melon" Fire-Melon said "Cause he makes everyone happy,but i make everyone burn and turn to ashes",but he became strong for himself and faced the zombies even he's afraid at then.

    Icicle-Shooter Shroom deals damages like Guacodil…

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