Peashooter 4/10 Good for first levels but then the stronger replaces him

Sunflower 9/10 Essential in all day stages

Cherry Bomb 6/10 Good as a last resort but again,stronger replaces it

Wall-Nut 7/10 A nice nut and great for stalling zombies

Potato Mine 1/10 Only good for beggining

Snow Pea 10/10 Excellent plant

Chomper 5/10 Depsite what other says,its actually quite useful

Repeater 9/10 Nice alternative of peashooter,saves space

Puff-Shroom 6/10 Good for beggining your sun setup

Sun-Shroom 8/10 Essential for your night sun setup

Fume-Shroom 8.5/10 Not bad but not good,useful for survival endless and shield zombies

Grave Buster 9/10 Recommended for all night levels with graves

Hypno-Shroom 7/10 The best zombie to hypnotize is football zombie

Scaredy-Shroom 1/10 ONLY use for beggining at night

Ice-Shroom:9/10 Freezes all zombies and useful on survival endless

Doom-Shroom 10/10 The atomic bomb,has biggest range and cheaper than Cherry Bomb,also the crater is not a big deal to me

Lily Pad 1/10 Only useful for pool

Squash 2/10 only useful for beggining,same as potato mine

Threepeater 0/10 Your better off 3 peashooters and a lily pad

Tangle Kelp 5/10 Very useful for pool

Jalapeno 7/10 Clears a whole lane of zombies

Spike Weed 8/10 Useful

Torchwood 1/10 your better of snow pea and repeater

Tall Nut 9/10 Big nice brother of wall-nut

Sea-Shroom 1/10 Really useless because of it's slow recharge

Plantern 8.5/10 Good for all fog levels

Cactus 4.3/10 Only good for balloon zombie

Blover 4/10 Good for some fog levels

Split Pea 4.7/10 Better than peashooter,and thats it

Starfruit 0.4/10 Only good if paired with others

Pumpkin 8.8/10 Recommended for Survival:Endless

Magnet-Shroom 3.6/10 Useful for metal zombies

Cabbage-Pult 5/10 Better version of peashooter

Flower Pot 7/10 Needed for all roof levels

Kernel-Pult 1/10 Weak...Has a nice upgrade though

Coffee Bean 9.3/10 Wanna wake up a mushroom?No problem!

Garlic 9.2/10 Only good for gold farming or Gloom Walk

Umbrella Leaf 9.8/10 Needed for Survival:Endless

Marigold 0/10 Only good for gold farming

Melon-Pult 9/10 It may not look like much,but it packs a punch!


Gatling Pea 9.8/10 Powerful but expensive

Twin Sunflower 9.9/10 REALLY needed for Survival:Endless

Gloom-Shroom 9.5/10 Only recommended for pool

Cattail 9.6/10 2 of these and balloon zombies shall not pass!!

Winter-Melon 10/10 Recomommended for Survival:Endless

Gold Magnet 0/10 Only for gold farming

Spikerock 9.8/10 Useful for all Survival levels

Cob Cannon 9.6/10 Good for Survival:Endless


Imitater 0/10 Depends on what plant imitated

Explode-o-nut 4/10 Good for blowing stacked zombies

Giant Wall-Nut 10/10 Clears an entire lane of the zombies

Plants Vs Zombies 2:It's About Time:

Peashooter 7/10 Because of its plant food effect,which makes it go up

Sunflower 9.3/10 More useful than in first game

Wall-Nut 4/10 Not as good because other plants replace it later

Potato Mine 9/10 More useful than in first game

Bloomerang 8/10 Slighly more useful than a peashooter and the first new plant you obtain in PvsZ2:It's About Time

Cabbage-Pult 8.3/10 Because now it ignores graves and its plant food if used in right situation can be really useful

Iceberg Lettuce 9/10 Freezes one zombie,if given plant food freezes all zombies on screen,shame it doesn't have the slowing effect

Grave Buster 10/10 Recommended for endless zones and its free!but  must recharge longer

Twin Sunflower 10/10 Even more useful than in first game

Bonk Choy 10/10 Some people say he is bad,but if combined with a wall-nut or tall-nut he can be devastating to be eaten,his plant food proves how good he is,one of most useful plants

Repeater 9/10 More useful than first game,its plant food effect is more stronger than peashooters

Kernel-Pult 8/10 Better but its plant food is weak,but its plant food is better than iceberg lettuce's because it does damage

Snapdragon 9/10 Good and its plant food make's sure to kill any zombie that has lower than 90 hp

Spikeweed 8.7/10 More useful because it attacks faster but does less damage and has a plant food effect that can save your brain

Coconut Cannon 10/10 Powerful but takes some time to fire again,still useful

Cherry Bomb 4/10 Worser because has no plant food effect and it can unfreeze zombies!

Spring Bean 10/10 Very useful in pirate seas and powerful with blover

Spikerock 10/10 Only absorbs 3 rolling objects,but the plant food makes it up for it

Threepeater 7/10 It's actaully quite useful in this version....but its plant food is not accurate

Split Pea 7.6/10 Because of its plant food effect

Chili Bean 10/10 Can instant-kill most zombies

Lighting Reed 6.4/10 Weak but the plant food and its ability to hit multiple targest puts him up

Tall-Nut 10/10 Really powerful if feed plant food

Pea Pod 10/10 Powerful but needs alot of sun

Melon-Pult 9.4/10 Because of its plant food

Winter Melon 10/10 Even more useful than in first game

Laser Bean 10/10 Really good

Blover 10/10 Better than in first game

Citron 10/10 Really powerful,its plant food is devastating

E.M.Peach 9.7/10 Disables machine which can also save your brain

Infi-Nut 9.6/10 Because its not as strong as wall-nut but regenerates overtime and its plant food effect is powerful

Magnifying Grass 1-10/10 Depends on how much sun producers you have

Tile Turnip 4.3/10 Good but REALLY expensive

Sun-Shroom 9.9 Better than in the first game,also grows faster and is overall better than sunflower

Puff-Shroom 5.4/10 If boosted can be really powerful,but now it dissapears after a while

Fume-Shroom 9.8/10 More powerful but fires slighly slower and its plant food pushes zombie and deals 75 damage shots

Sun Bean 7/10 If boosted gives sun depending on how much the zombie had normal shots left

Magnet-Shroom 10/10 Even more useful and its costume is cool looking

Premium Plants:

Snow Pea 10/10 Still the best 2013

Power Lily 10/10 Gives plant food which can be really helpful

Squash 10/10 More useful because of its plant food

Torchwood 6/10 Worser than the first game because it has no splash damage,but it can be given plant food to triple the damage of peas

Jalapeno 4/10 Worser because it can no longer affect flying(makes sense)enemies,can unfreeze zombies and has no plant food effect

Imitater 10/10 Useful for cutting recharge to half

Imitated Plants 0/10 Depends on what plants imitated

Starfruit 10/10 Not as bad as first game and powerful plant food effect

Hypno-Shroom 10/10 Give it plant food and you get to play Me Smash!!Just kidding it turns the zombie into a gargantuar who ate it

Pea-Nut 7/10 Better then peashooter but when its halfway eaten it shoots slower

All plant ratings are done(I will not do Plants Vs Zombies Adventures and all pvsz chinese games)