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September 10, 2014
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  • I live in Everest Mountain
  • My occupation is Being Chilly
  • I am The coldest of the snow peas!
  • Chilly The Snow Pea

    My Plant Rantings

    September 10, 2014 by Chilly The Snow Pea

    Peashooter 4/10 Good for first levels but then the stronger replaces him

    Sunflower 9/10 Essential in all day stages

    Cherry Bomb 6/10 Good as a last resort but again,stronger replaces it

    Wall-Nut 7/10 A nice nut and great for stalling zombies

    Potato Mine 1/10 Only good for beggining

    Snow Pea 10/10 Excellent plant

    Chomper 5/10 Depsite what other says,its actually quite useful

    Repeater 9/10 Nice alternative of peashooter,saves space

    Puff-Shroom 6/10 Good for beggining your sun setup

    Sun-Shroom 8/10 Essential for your night sun setup

    Fume-Shroom 8.5/10 Not bad but not good,useful for survival endless and shield zombies

    Grave Buster 9/10 Recommended for all night levels with graves

    Hypno-Shroom 7/10 The best zombie to hypnotize is football zombie


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