Tyabcd: (wakes up) Ahh. What a time is this?

Viper: It's 2:40 PM.

Tyabcd: Okay. Sooo, what are we going to do today?                              

Sunflower and Viper: Party!

Chomper: (paints)               

Moocow: Mooooo!

Holley Shiftwell: Hello guys!                         

Tyabcd: Oh, hi Shiftwell.

Crazy Dave: Hello!                                     

Sweet Potato: Hi! :)                                      

Moocow: Mooooooo!!

GoldiRox: Hey guys, GoldiRox Here.

Viper, Sweet Potato, and Holley Shiftwell: OMG, it's GoldiRox!

Sunflower: Yep, it sure is GoldiRox.

Peashooter: What's up GoldiRox?

GoldiRox: Hello Peashooter.                    

Dr. Zomboss: Imp! Bring me the zombie juice!

Imp: Yes sir! (grabs the zombie juice) Here you go!

Dr. Zomboss: Well done!

Imp: Thanks!

Dr. Zomboss: Your welcome! (drinks the zombie juice, however, stops and sees the plants, Crazy Dave, Tyabcd, and the girls) Look! There they are!

Imp: Plants!

Viper:  (hears zombies) Uh oh. The zombies are coming!

(the plants, Crazy Dave, Tyabcd, and the girls go outside)

Crazy Dave: (plants a Horming Thistle, Banana Launcher, and 2 Snow Peas)

A zombie: Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Yummy plants!