(all of the villans are painting)

Bowser: WE MADE IT!

Bowser Jr.: Finally!

Dr. Zomboss: Wow, it took VERY long to get here...

Bowser: I know right?

Imp: (heavy breathing)

(screen cuts to Crazy Dave's House)

Tyabcd: Ahhhh... what a nice day!

Viper: I know.

(the Star Spirits appear) 

Eldstar: Hello, Tyabcd.

Tyabcd: Hello!

Eldstar: I have found a portal from a different universe.

Peashooter: What is it from?

Eldstar: I don't know.

(Frenchfry (062) gets launched out of the portal)

Frenchfry: Aïe! (gets up) Euh , bonjour .

Tyabcd: Hello! Nice to me-

(Clip (177) gets launched out of the portal)

Clip: (gets up, then waves at Tyabcd)

Tyabcd: Hello! Do you li-?!?!

(Yang (502) gets launched out of the portal)

Eldstar: Wow!

(Elastico (345), Woody (507), Richter (513), Cannonball (520), Spats (397), Swapper (355), Hunkahunka (323), and Shortstuff (297) all get launched out of the portal)

Misstar: Oh my gosh!

(Every other experiment except Lerory (629), Evile (627), Cyber (000), and Dark End get launched out of the portal)

Tyabcd: WOW! That's a lot of them.

(Lilo, Nani, Jumba Jookiba, Pleakley, Gantu, and Stitch (626) walk out of the portal)

Tyabcd: Hey! (runs up to Jumba Jookiba) Who are you?

Jumba Jookiba: I'm Jumba Jookiba, an evil genius.

Tyabcd: Okay, but are you friendly?

Jumba Jookiba: Yes. This is Pleakley.

Pleakley: Hello! And that's Gantu over there.

Tyabcd: Nice!

(4 more portals appear)

Tyabcd: 4 more portals? That's crazy!

(One of the portals send Match, Pencil, Pen, and Eraser flying out)

Match: Ow!! (gets up) Are you okay, Pence-pence?

Pencil: Yep!

Match: That's good!

(Bubble, Ice Cube, Book, Ruby, Spongy, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, Rocky, Yellow Face, Teardrop, Coiny, Nickel, Bomby, and Gelatin are sent flying out of the portal)

Pleakley, Misstar, and Viper: Woah!

(Every other contestant gets sent flying out of the portal)

Viper: That was a l- (bumps into Match)

Match: Ow! (gets up) A snake! Do you talk? Do you want to be friends?

Viper: Sure!

Match: Okay! So we will go with Pencil, Pen, Eraser, Ruby, Ice Cube, Book, Bubble, and everyone else!

Viper: Let's go!

Lady Bow: Can i come?

Viper: Yep!

Tyabcd: BUT WAIT! There are 3 more portals left!

(The next portal sends Steve, Alex, and a Iron Golem flying out)

Steve: Oof!

Alex: Ow!

(After that portal, Flint Lockwood, Sam Sparks, Steve, Tim Lockwood, Brent McHale, and Earl Devereaux all get sent out of the next one)

Lady Bow, Match, Pencil, Viper, Misstar, and Pleakley: Woah!!

(The last one sends out Po, Tigress, Monkey, Crane, Mantis, and Shifu)

Match, Pencil, and Viper: Gosh! That was a lot!

Pleakley: I know right?

(The Villan Blimp flys torawds Crazy Dave's House, then stops)

Dr. Zomboss: Hahaha! You fools are going to fight Zombies...

Bowser: ...Goombas, Koopas, Hammer Bros...

King Dedede: Can i join? If yes, ...and Waddle Dees and Doos, Bronto Burts, Scarfys, and Chillys!

Bowser: Sure!

Match: Oh no! What are we going to do?

Tyabcd: Don't worry.

Match: Okay.

Dr. Zomboss: Summon them!

Tyabcd: They are here! (punches a zombie)

Match: I'll try... (kicks a Hammer Bro)

Hammer Bro: YOW!!!

Viper: (throws Boomer at a Ice Weasel)

Ice Weasel: EEEEEEK! (ducks) Phew! (Boomer comes right back at him) AAAAHH!!!! (gets hit)

Bloomerang: What's going on out here? 

Kernel-pult: I don't know. (lobs butter at a Bronto Burt)

Bronto Burt: AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (falls down onto the ground)

Babyfier: (turns a Scarfy into a baby Scarfy)

Scarfy: Hmm?

Flint: Go! Cheespider!

Cheespider: (roars, then eats a zombie)

Sunflower: (blasts rays at Chillys) Can you survive it?

Peashooter: (shoots peas at a Goomba)

Match: (throws Boomer at a Bronto Burt)

Bronto Burt: AHHHHHH!!!! (gets hit)