Tyabcd: Ahhh, what a day, the time is awesome!

Viper: Yeah, it sure is.

Peashooter: Cool day!

Sunflower: Wow!

(Mario crashes from above)

Mario: It's-a-me Mario!

Tyabcd: Mario! How did you get in here?

Mario: I have found a portal to go into your world!

(the Star Spirits appear)

Eldstar: Hello, Mario! Wha? Who is this?

Tyabcd: I'm Tyabcd!

Eldstar: Oh hello, Tyabcd! And who are you, snake?

Viper: I'm Viper!

Eldstar: Oh hello, Viper. But who are theese plants?

Sunflower: I'm Sunflower, and he's Peashooter

Eldstar: Oh hello, Peashooter, and Sunflower.

Mamar: Um, Eldstar, who are those creatures and plants?

Eldstar: Tyabcd, Viper, Peashooter, and Sunflower.

Mamar: Misstar!

Misstar: Yes?

Mamar: There is Peashooter, Sunflower, Viper, and Tyabcd!

Misstar: That's Awesome!

Mamar: Isn't it? Okay, it's time to go!

(the Star Spririts start to fade)

Tyabcd: Bye Star Spririts!

Misstar: Bye! 

(the Star Spririts disappear, then kirby walks in)

Tyabcd: Who are you, pink ball? Are you Kirby?

Kirby: (shakes head)

(everyone walks outside)

Tyabcd: (smells the air) Yes...

Viper: It smells like... woah!

Peashooter and Sunflower: Yes... (they both go off the flower pots)

Mario: Smells like fresh air kinda!

MEANWHILE ON THE Villan Blimp...

Dr. Zomboss: Imp! 

Imp: Yeah?

Dr. Zomboss: Bring me some brains!

Imp: Okay. 

Dr. Zomboss Now Imp is giving me brains, i shall- (Bowser is banging on the door) huh?! (goes to the door, then opens it)

Bowser: *gasp* WHO ARE YOU?!

Dr. Eggman: Bowser is right. Who are you?

Dr. Zomboss: Uhhh... I'm Dr. Zomboss. So that turtle is called Bowser?

Dr. Eggman: Yes!

Dr. Zomboss: And you are Dr. Eggman?

Dr. Eggman: Of course i am!

Bowser: So what minons you have? I have Koopas, Goombas, Hammer bros, and more!

Dr. Zomboss: I have zombies!

Bowser: Cool!

Imp: (comes back with the brains) Woah, who are those?

Dr. Zomboss: Bowser and Dr. Eggman!

Imp: Cool! (puts the brains on the villan table then smells plants) *gasp* PLANTS!

Dr. Zomboss: Plants! SUMMON THE ZOMBIES!


Viper: Great day to live outsi- ZOMBIES!

Tyabcd: Don't worry Viper. I have lots of strong plants! (plants Banana Launcher, a Winter Melon and 5 Galting Peas along with 5 Torchwood)

Zombie: Plants!

Banana Launcher: Banana!

Zombie: AHHHHHHH! (runs into the fourth title) Phew!

(the banana moves to where the zombie is)

Zombie: (looks up) (holds a white flag, then waves it) (the banana lands on it, causing it to die)


Koopa: Is it me, or i'm a zombie? (walks away, then gets zapped) Ohhhh...

Ash: Way to go Pikachu!

Viper: Oh look! It's Ash and... ...who?

Pikachu: Pikawho? Pikachu!

Viper: Oh hi, Pikachu!

Kirby: Hyah! (attacks a zombie, then stomps on a goomba)

Tyabcd: (punches a zombie in the face) 

Viper: (attacks a zombie)

(they keep attacking the zombies, koopas and goombas, speeding up, before the backround fades)

MEANWHILE IN Moshi Monsters Land...

Poppet: It's a great time to walk!

Furi: Yeah!

Luvil: Sure is!

(all of them get trapped)

Divalo: What happend?

Poppet: We got trapped...

Zommer: Get us out of here!

(all moshlings get trapped)

Blingo: Hey!

GoldiRox: Huh?

Blingo: We're trapped!

GoldiRox: We're trapped?!

BACK AT Crazy Dave's House...

(everyone is still fighting the zombies, koopas, and goombas)

Lady Bow: (appears) *gasp* Zombies?! (smacks a zombie) 

Peashooter: EAT YOUR PEAS!! (shoots a pea at a zombie)

Pikachu: Pika... 

Tyabcd: Pikachu is charging up for a extreme thunder storm!

Pikachu: CHU!!

Zombies: Oh, no. (they get zapped)

Goombas: AHHHHHHH!!! (they get zapped)

Koopas: NOOOOOOOOO!! (they get zapped)

Viper: We did it!

Tyabcd: Yes!

Lady Bow: Ha! That hurt them!

Ash: Good job, Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Sonic: Hey guys! What's up?

Tails: Hi!

Tyabcd: Hello, Sonic and Tails!

(the Star Spirits reappear)

Eldstar: Welcome back, Mario!

Mamar: Welcome back!

Skolar: Welcome back!

Muskular: Welcome back!

Misstar: Welcome back! 

Klevar: Welcome back!

Kalmar: Welcome back!

Tyabcd: Hello, Star Spirits! And a quiz is coming up!

Sunflower: Where is the Villan Blimp? On the ground, in water, or in the air? (drumroll) (Peashooter bangs a gong) In the air!

Tyabcd: Where is Goombella? Goombaville, Star Hill, or in Mario's brain? (drumroll) (Peashooter bangs the same gong) Goombaville!

Misstar: Where can we be found? In water, On a goomba's head, or Star Hill? (stary drumroll) (Peashooter bangs a star gong) Star Hill!

Tyabcd: Last one! Who is this? (shows a image of Pearl from Peggle Blast) Pearl, Octpi, or Wewewe? (drumroll) (Peashooter bangs a giant gong, then after banging it, the stick wobbles) It's Pearl! We must rescue her!



MEANWHILE BACK IN Moshi Monsters...

Imp: Heh, perfect! (picks up a cage where Blingo and GoldiRox are in it)

Pirate Pong: (steals the cage)

Imp: Hey! (chases Pirate Pong, but runs into Dr. Strangeglove)

Dr. Strangeglove: Woah!! (looks at Imp) Who are you?

Imp: I'm Imp!

Dr. Strangeglove: Imp? IMP?! IM- oh ok. Do you want to become my friend? 

Imp: Yeah!


Imp: Yeah?

Dr. Zomboss: II- (runs into Dr. Strangeglove)

Dr. Strageglove: WOAH!!!!! (falls over, gets up, then looks at Dr. Zomboss) WHO ARE YOU?!?!

Dr. Zomboss: I'm Dr. Zomboss!

Bowser: While i'm Bowser!

Bowser Jr: And Bowser Jr!

Dr. Eggman: And i'm Dr. Eggman! Would you like to join the villian team?

Dr. Strangeglove: Yes! Come on, glumps!

(everyone runs out, laughing)