Tyabcd: Um... can we sing a song?

Viper: Yeah!

Tyabcd: We're all together!

Peashooter: All together!

Viper: All together!

Sunflower: We are-

Peashooter, Mario, Misstar, and Wall-nut: All together!

Viper: We are-

Tyabcd, Mamar, GoldiRox, and Lady Bow: All together!

Peashooter: Just dish me a fish, and i'll say-

Eldstar, Ghost Pepper, a tree, an apple, Sunflower, and Bonk Choy: All together!

Tyabcd: Oh, it's- 

Skloar, Peashooter, Rotobaga, Fire Peashooter, Sunflower, Ghost Pepper, Wall-nut, GoldiRox, Viper, Furi, Luvil, Poppet, and Misstar: All together!

Peashooter: OHH! IT'S-

Sunflower and Bonk Choy: All together!

Everyone: All together! All together! All together!

Conehead Zombie: Bum?

Steve, Luigi, Tails, Mario, and Holley Shiftwell: All together!

Moocow: MOOOO!

Everyone: All together, all together, all together, all together... (they keep saying it, fading away)





Zombie: (plays a trumpet)