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  • Chickenwrangler369

    So in the 'game', you have to pick a side; plants or zombies(similar to star wars: commander)

    So here are the building i have come up with...

    cannon: coconut cannon

    Mortar: bamboom

    spring trap: spring bean

    Laboratory: called 'greenhouse'

    walls: wall-nut. then tallnuts.

    comming soon

    got ideas? post 'em!


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  • Chickenwrangler369

    So I have started to make a mixture of the plants and the troops of clash of clans but haven't decided how the game is gonna be. So, I have started making the troops. I will add more plants after a while. If you have an idea for a troop, please post it in the comments. If it is very good, I'll make it and give you credit for coming up with the name. 

    troop im woking on:


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  • Chickenwrangler369

    I have a question:

    When on chat I see some people have a message besides thier name along with a small picture. how do you do that?

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