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  • I live in Hong Kong
  • I was born on July 21
  • Cheetah-shooter

    FLICK the switch

    April 18, 2016 by Cheetah-shooter


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  • Cheetah-shooter

    For anyone who don't know, my avatar is IE pony and I have a tumblr for it, I will anwser the question here and try to put it in there too, so I might need more time to draw it for quality reasons(but still, on paper, sorry).

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  • Cheetah-shooter

    I don't own this pictures, but I will post it here for sharing.(And the artist write the English name already.)I will put plants too, why not, but it is a different artist.

    Shipping, shipping everywhere.

    This are pure awesome!

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  • Cheetah-shooter

    To Someone456

    July 5, 2015 by Cheetah-shooter

    I would have a little talk about GWChamp, you are 50 % right, but 50 % wrong.

    The GWChamp account IS a sockpuppet, but not a sockpuppet of NapalmRosalina.

    GWChamp WAS a student in your school, but never was in 1A.

    GWChamp left school already, so he don't know who the class teacher is and that is also why he lied to you he is in 1A.

    GWChamp like Garden Warfare, that is why he uploads Garden Warfare images, same to some lot in this wiki, that doesn't make him NapalmRosalina.

    Someone456, poeple nowadays discuss to primary students about DSE, I hope you understand, logic.

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  • Cheetah-shooter

    My mom said, she will broke up with my dad very soon...

    I think evenyone can imagine what is the feeling for me now, when our parents broke up, who has the saddest feeling is their child, even I can still see my dad(he is moving out to other place already) sometime and have lunch together when that is a school day, I just feel very sad still...(crying when typing)    

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