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custom plants

here are made up plants

twin marigold - shoots out 2 coins at the same time must be planted on marigolds 275 sun

snowpeater -shoots 2 snow peas at the same time 200 sun

gatling snow pea -shoots 4 snow peas at the same time must be planted on snowpeaters 450 sun

plumplant -sqashes zombies and they drop diamonds 1000 sun

metalnut -acts like a tall nut but more health must be planted on tallnuts 225 sun

treeturner -turns zombies around like a hypno shroom but does not eat zombies 150 sun

Lolplanter -zombies will laugh and die 400 sun

Sour soul -makes zombies fart and die also drops 5 diamonds when used -2000 sun

Water basin -used to plant water plants in it 25 sun

Banana peel -zombies will step on it fall over and die Toffee bean -zombies will walk away 40 sun

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