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by Cavia porcellusJune 29, 2015

Welcome the fourth edition of the unofficial Plants vs. Zombies Wiki News! A relatively normal week in the Plants vs. Zombies universe, even with the new update.

Plants vs. Zombies news

Soft release of Lost City Part 2

Those who are familiar with new updates know that for every new one, a few days before the international release a so-called "soft release" comes out, which is only available to some people in the world. However, if they share a file known as the .apk file, anyone can have the update!

In this case, Part 2 of Lost City has soft released and the world has officially ended. Be careful of spoilers on the wiki if you don't want to see them, and download the update by installing the .apk file from here if you're not from North America or from here if you are.

Plants vs. Zombies Wiki news

Staff member vote

Should Thecoollittlepeashooter be a forum moderator? Vote by clicking on the link on the left and following the rules on thread.


You'd think we'd have less discussions now and then, but nope!

On this week, weeks ago... June 24, 2014 - Dark Ages Part 1 officially released around the world!

There are also some changes that happened last week. The change regarding a particular class from Garden Warfare 2 will not be happening at this time. Due to existing differences, the worlds that didn't have their page will get their pages for the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. Finally, level pages will be getting a change as only images of the full lawn will be accepted for the infobox. Keep in mind that you can still add yours to the gallery of the page.

Weekly poll

What will the next world in Plants vs. Zombies 2 be about?

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