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PvZ Wiki News - July 20, 2015

Zombot Dark Dragon defeat
Plants vs. Zombies Wiki News

by Cavia porcellusJuly 20, 2015

Welcome the seventh edition of the unofficial Plants vs. Zombies Wiki News! We lasted long enough - this is the first newsless week regarding Plants vs. Zombies news. PopCap didn't even release a trailer for the next update...

Plants vs. Zombies Wiki news


ThePurplePi announced his retirement/WikiBreak until he is free from school. Additionally, ZombieNinja723 has demoted himself and will most likely retire.


Last week worried me. Thankfully, we're back on the right track with billions of discussions (and great thing since the other news section is lacking):

Things changed. They always do... A guide for a Chinese game will be made. Not sure what happened here. Bamboo Brother will not be as sweet as before.


? Oh

IT WILL BE DELETED... eventually.

Weekly poll

Joke poll

How indestructible is the Tennis Star article?

The poll was created at 19:05 on July 20, 2015, and so far 6 people voted.

Real poll

What is your opinion of wiki as of recently?

The poll was created at 19:08 on July 20, 2015, and so far 11 people voted.

Author's note

First one since the first news blog. Please leave suggestions as to what sections I could add in future blogs.

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