By yours truly: Lost City review
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Yes, I am writing a Lost City review. My claws shan't be skipping the golden facade of Lost City's much deeper surface. Let's just hope this will be shorter and written faster than the Frostbite Caves review.

New plants

Red Stinger - Who expected this, really? At first, I thought it would be an environmental plant like Hot Potato, Lily Pad and Sun-shroom were. But PopCap decided to break the mold, and I'm happy. Wait, what about Gold Leaf?

I didn't think it would be a plant with several functions based on the first leak. I didn't really think anything of it at the time. I think it's pretty nice overall. It's a better Repeater limited to the first three columns only, so you'll have to possibly endanger your sun production by moving it to the left. Otherwise, it's the worst in the middle columns and mediocre at best in the last three. I thought its Plant Food effect was unoriginal before I realized it slowed zombies as well. I found it pretty cool, but it still does a low amount of damage. Overall, it should be paired with an AoE plant in the later stages, and it's good on its own in the first four worlds and perhaps FC with thawers.

Now I'll stop here. Isn't this the most illogical plant by far? Firstly, it's a torch ginger which I discovered but the game doesn't refer to this at all. Red Stinger is a pun on nothing. And it stings nothing. Secondly, why should it shoot projectiles at all? Nothing about its design hints to it. And why do its projectiles look the way they look? It seems to be a made-up plant part, as torch ginger seeds barely look like that. Thirdly, why the heck is it also a defensive plant? Again, I wasn't sure what it did after the leaks as it didn't look like a plant that does anything. But why defensive? Why are its leaves stronger than, say, Chomper? Fourthly, why does it hide? This isn't explained anywhere, not even in its Almanac entry. At least Scaredy-shroom had its reasons. And fifthly, what does its Plant Food effect have to do with anything??? Okay, so it attacks. It hides. It defends. And shoots lasers for some reason??? Which, again for some reason, slow down zombies??? Not even China reached this level of randomness. And what IS that sound it makes during its Plant Food effect, it sounds like the souls of former PopCap employees.

I like its costumes. I'll mention this now - Lost City has good costumes. I like the dark green hat more, though.

Grade: 4/5

A.K.E.E. - It's good that they added that final period in its official name. I hate inconsistency. Anyway, when I first saw this plant, judging from its three projectiles (which are now, for some reason, gone), I thought that it would either be a weak missile-like plant or a weak tap-to-use plant. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Personally, A.K.E.E. is my favorite Lost City plant. I was a bit annoyed with the leaks when I learned that Parasol Zombie would counter it. I mean, since when do you introduce zombies to counter plants? Is the game called Zombies vs. Plants 2. Alas, A.K.E.E. proved to be a versatile plant excellent in almost any world. It has an appealing design resembling Power Lily. It has a nice reloading animation. It makes funny faces. When used right and repeatedly, its Plant Food effect is one of the best in the game. Really, I can't say anything bad about A.K.E.E. Even when its projectiles didn't bounce off obstacles, I still liked it. And I was happy to learn they buffed an already great plant.

Sure, it makes Bloomerang even more worthless. But that's PopCap's Bloomerang's fault. What's more interesting is that it competes with Laser Bean in a number of ways. Its slightly stronger projectile and cheaper sun cost really make it comparable with the aforementioned plant, and in my opinion - better. Plus, those bouncing seeds and the overall animation of A.K.E.E. are way more amusing than boring Laser Bean's. But that's just my rambling.

I am glad A.K.E.E. didn't turn out to be the "aerial Bowling Bulb" everyone thought it would be. It has more personality than other plants. Kudos to PopCap for picking another lesser-known plant. I once even imagined a plant like A.K.E.E., but it shot basketballs instead of seeds for some reason. While similar to other plants, it turned out different enough and I'm glad it exists. It's a great alternative if anything.

Regarding costumes, I like them both. I like the purple bandana more because the helmet makes it look round.

Grade: 5/5

Endurian - Thank you, PopCap. Not only did it take you ages to make a passive-attacking defensive, but you also did pretty badly. One of the main issues that I have with failed plants is that the concept is good, but PopCap nerfs it so badly that they make it useless, but more importantly, get rid of any chance that we'll see another attempt again. That's always a fear, and a justified one.

Apart from being weirded out from all the Durians at the time of its leak, I like its design. It was weird to see a durian plant in the international version -- they, and other weird plants, are reserved for the Chinese versions. However, Lost City broke that mold and I'm happy with that. What I'm not happy with -- Endurian's animations. Lost City's first trailer fooled us into thinking that Endurian will have an aggressive attack. Instead, it was its Zen Garden watering animation... but why not use that? Instead, we have a fearsome looking plant that's actually very weak on both the offensive and defensive and has a quite simplistic animation (you might've noticed that I care about animations a lot).

To balance it, it should either be clearly for quick defending and dealing a lot of damage or being a strong defensive with its current weak attack. Ideally, the first one is better as in PvZ2 a Wall-nut suffices when defense is concerned. What Endurian needs is aggresiveness and a bigger range for attacking. The thing can't even kill a Basic Zombie without degrading! What are we talking about! ...this balance would've also provided a nice variety with defensive plants: the stalling Chard Guard, the long-lasting Infi-nut, the pack-a-punch Endurian...

I was happy to see that its Plant Food effect returned to classic defensives, and it certainly has the coolest visual appearance compared to the other three. Alas, the animations are pretty simplistic on this one too. However, they are more durable and I recommend using a Plant Fed Endurian for any serious strategies with it (this also makes its grade higher than it would've been).

The costumes are okay. The green shoulder pad makes it look stronger than it is. Isn't it ironic that Endurian is barely endurable at all?

Grade: 3/5