My take on the rebalancing almost everyone has done at some point. Note that while my plants and zombies will be in proper order, I will skip some of them to do other ones, but I will hopefully add all in the end. I will naturally skip plants with no need for rebalancing, but I will only announce this in the end. As a final point, I might add further buffs/nerfs to already listed plants, so don't judge immediately.



Support -25 sun cost


Support Has a random chance to produce 75 sun
Support Produces 200 sun instead of 150 sun (Plant Food effect)

Potato Mine

Support Takes 2 seconds less to arm
Sort-neutral Targets two strongest zombies or zombie groups (Plant Food effect)


Support -25 sun cost


Sort-neutral Hits a third of all zombies instead of three zombies
Support Boomerang damage changed from 1nds to 1.5nds
Support Shoots 20 boomerangs in four directions instead of 10 (Plant Food effect)

Iceberg Lettuce

Support Recharge time reduced from "Sluggish" to "Sluggish to Mediocre"

Bonk Choy

Sort-neutral Changed attack; does 1nds and every 10th hit is an uppercut that deals 5nds to all zombies in its range
Support Does 10nds per hit to obstacles on the lawn, sarcophagi, barrels, Pianist Zombie, and frozen blocks


Support -50 sun cost

Power Lily

Support Can be planted on water
Sort-neutral Becomes a free plant and is unlocked in Wild West


Support Becomes aquatic when planted on Lily Pad

Spring Bean

Sort-neutral Changed attack; falls asleep for 15 seconds the first time and decreases 3 seconds for each zombie bounced until it reaches a no-cooldown point
Support Bounces zombies three tiles back in non-Pirate Seas worlds (Plant Food effect)


Support -50 sun cost

Cherry Bomb

Support No longer defrosts zombies
Support Can kill Imp Dragons


Support Fire remains on the lane 2 seconds longer (in order do kill zombies encased in ice blocks or protected by Glitter Zombie)
Support Fire extends to the column it is planted on, i.e. the fire is in a cross shape
Paper rejected.jpg +25 sun cost


Support -50 sun cost
Support Fire peas deal 0.75nds in a 1x1 square
Sort-neutral Becomes a free plant and is unlocked in Ancient Egypt

Pea Pod

Sort-neutral Planting method changed; first planting costs 125 sun; to upgrade it, the player taps on the Pea Pod. To upgrade it to two heads, it takes 100 sun. Three heads cost 75 sun. Four heads 50 sun. And five heads cost 25 sun. In total - 375 sun. The player can upgrade a Pea Pod without the need of a cooldown in between.
Paper rejected.jpg Recharge time increased from "Fast" to "Mediocre"
Support Big peas deal 25nds instead of 20nds and deal splash damage in a 1x1 area (Plant Food effect)

Lightning Reed

Support Lightning can arc to an unlimited amount of zombies
Support Occasionally does a critical hit which deals 1nds direct damage and 0.5nds arc damage

Laser Bean

Paper rejected.jpg Deals 1.5nds instead of 2nds


Support Takes 10 seconds less to evolve to its third stage
Paper rejected.jpg Produces 150 sun instead of 225 sun (Plant Food effect)


Support -25 sun cost

Ghost Pepper

Sort-neutral Lasts 2 seconds less, but does damage faster
Support Can only be killed by Mecha Football Zombie
Paper rejected.jpg Cannot be dug up after explosion


Sort-neutral Attack changed; chew time is based on the health of a zombie. The bigger the health, the bigger the chew time. The maximum chew time, when eating a Knight or Blockhead Zombie, is 25 seconds.
Support The burp after swallowing a zombie pushes back zombies in front of it by 3 tiles
Sort-neutral Changed Plant Food effect; drags all zombies in the lane to it, deals 60nds to every one, and then burps to send them to the ninth column.

Homing Thistle

Sort-neutral Returns to its previous state
Support Fires two times more charged needles with greater accuracy (Plant Food effect)


Sort-neutral Deals 1nds direct damage and 2.5nds splash damage
Support Recharge time reduced from between "Sluggish to Mediocre" to "Mediocre"
Paper rejected.jpg +50 sun cost
Support Lobs 4 flaming peppers instead of 3 (Plant Food effect)

Lava Guava

Support Explosion deals 21nds instead of 10nds


Sort-neutral Varying damage removed; all hits deal 2nds
Support Projectiles can bounce to Imp Cannons
Support Varying damage removed; all hits deal 30nds (Plant Food effect)


Paper rejected.jpg +25 sun cost
Support Does Spikerock-strength damage
Support Does 1.5x the damage of its regular attack (Plant Food effect)

Gold Leaf

Support Usable in all worlds
Support -25 sun cost in Dark Ages
Paper rejected.jpg +25 sun cost in Lost City